Yusalatouya came to Seryuu City from Boruenan Forest 10 years ago to clean up the mess that his grand-uncle[3] had created. Satou suspects that it's relates to the Maze of Trazayuya. He's currently the manager at the Worker's Guild, his shop has a sole employee, Nadi.

He had 150 years old when he went to the Labyrinth in Selbira City, he went with 2 groups of elves Houya's group and Lua's group; after battles with goblins, only him, Houya and Lua survived, they were rescued by Trazayuya and Dohar, Lua protected Yuya on her back, while he was unconscious.


He is a nihilistic grown man


  • Medium-sized Rucksack
  • Staff
  • Medicines, ward monsters around


  • [Fake Patch]WN 5-15.
  • [Secret art] (Wood Walk), generate a Green aura that wraps the target allowing advance the mountain path (forest). Since obstacles are avoiding themselves from the target, it's no different than walking in a highway. But the target cannot hurt creatures of the forest. Once it does, the magic won't be usable for a seasonWN 5 Intermission 4.
  • [Forest Whisper] (Natural Whisper), it's used to check with the forest little echoesWN 5 Intermission 4.
  • [Summon Forest Maiden] (Summon Dryad)


  • On the Web Novel his appeareance is: He has a beard, also a greenish black long hairWN 4-12.
  • His favorite are dried fig in the bento.
  • He would like to be able to use the nature magic [Translate], but it's impossible with his levelWN 5 Intermission 4.


  1. On the LN his name is Yusaratoya Boruenan
  2. At the time when Trazayuya was living in Selbira City
  3. During chapter 5 Intermission 2, its is say that he is his distant nephew