Yuriko Rumooku is a princess of Rumooku kingdom and the aunt to Princess Menea. Yuriko was a reincarnated Japanese person. She said that she was murdered by a thug when she was an elementary schooler in her previous life. She declared to the people of Rumooku that she met god when she was reincarnating; she should have been revered as a saint, but due to her ominous colored hair and pupils, no one believed her words. Yuriko asked for three wishes, [Power to Connect Worlds], [Eternal Youth], and [Beauty], to the god. However, it is speculated she angered god because beauty is the only thing she was not blessed with by god.


Otherworlders would most likely consider Yuriko to be a beauty compared to the natural residents of the world due to the blessing of a god of this world. Yuriko has violet-haired twintails.


Hero Summoning of Rumooku Kingdom

After combining her gift from god, [Power to Connect Worlds], and the magic tool Motara given to the king of the country by weaselkins that summons people from a different [Parallel World Japan]. After seven failures at summoning heroes and the final and eighth person was summoned, a senior demon attacked the castle her highness Yuriko and the people involved with the summoning were all killed. The eighth summoned person was abducted by the demon.


[Power to Connect Worlds]