Wings of Liberty is a secret society of demon worshipers. Consisting of mostly disaffected young nobles. Satou speculates that weaselkins are possibly acting behind the scenes of the cult because of the structural disharmony and naivety of the group. At one of point in time 300 members were present in Oyugock.

Their stronghold seems to be a mysterious area several hundreds meter below the capital's ground, it's actually ruin of Pig King Labyrinth. There is a Stonehenge like gate device that can transport people there. The ruin used to hold a ritual. The ritual room is wide. The width is 200 meters, the height is 20 meters, the depth is nearly 1 kilometer long. A lot of standing pillars exist to support the room. There are three beds of stones lined up on the altar.


They are famous for their attempt to summon holy relics by sacrificing three mikos from the Garleon, Parion, and Tenion temples of Oyugock in the [Pig King Labyrinth: Ruin] under the capital that predates Shiga Kingdom. In actuality, they were summoning demons using the [Short Horn] artifact that was circulating in the Oyugock capital and Gururian city. Two upper-ranked demons and a Demon Lord were their harvest, but before things could escalate further Nanashi defeated them.



  • Mitsuo Oyugock, the third son of the current duke of the Oyugock territory. He instigated a plan to kidnap and sacrifice his niece, Sera, a miko of Tenion temple for demon summoning.


  • When greeted at the entrance of a Wings of Liberty event with "Toward the blue sky.", one must reply with "The wind of liberty blows" to be granted entrance.