Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (デスマーチからはじまる異世界狂想曲, Desu Māchi Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyōsōkyoku) is a Web Novel written by Hiro Ainana at user-generated content site Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2013. It was later adapted into a light novel in 2014, inspiration for the manga and then anime.

Original works can be found at syosetu, it released every Sunday JST. After that the unofficial english translation will be started and the finished translation can be found at sousetsuka blog.

Chapter List

Volume 1

Volume 1
1 Cataclysm Begin Through Death March デスマーチから始まる天変地異 [2013/03/03]
2 Written Dream Read as Ephemeral 人の見る夢と書いて儚いと読む [2013/03/03]
3 The Start of Wandering Life! 放浪生活はじめました! [2013/03/03]
4 Abandoned Village, Skill and Lost Child 廃村とスキルと迷子 [2013/03/03]
5 Fortress City Life Begin! 城砦都市生活はじめました! [2013/03/04]
6 The Marketplace, the Princess and the Slave Trade 市場と王女と人買いと [2013/03/05]
7 Open Air Bath, Objective and Sightseeing 行水と方針と観光と [2013/03/06]
8 The Demon, the Knight and the Magician 悪魔と騎士と魔法使い [2013/03/07]
9 Let's Dance with the Demon! [First Part] 悪魔と踊ろう![前編] [2013/03/08]
10 Let's Dance With the Demon! [Final Part] 悪魔と踊ろう![後編] [2013/03/08]

Volume 2

Volume 2
1 Disaster Relief and the Shrine Maiden 災害救助と巫女さん [2013/03/10]
2 Let's Learn Life Magic! 生活魔法を覚えよう! [2013/03/10]
3 The Chant, the Soldier and the Noisy Afternoon 詠唱と兵士さんと姦しい午後 [2013/03/10]
4 The Afternoon Date with Soldier-san 兵士さんとデートな午後 [2013/03/11]
5 The Temple, the Beastkin Girls and the Stone Throwing Afternoon 神殿と獣人娘と投石の午後 [2013/03/12]
6 Arguments and the Extermination of the Hidden Evildoer Afternoon 論戦とドブネズミ退治の午後 [2013/03/13]
7 Demon Return 悪魔再び [2013/03/14]
8 The Labyrinth of Demon (1) 悪魔の迷宮(1) [2013/03/15]
9 Labyrinth of Demon (2) 悪魔の迷宮(2) [2013/03/16]
10 Labyrinth of Demon (3) 悪魔の迷宮(3) [2013/03/17]
11 Labyrinth of Demon (4) 悪魔の迷宮(4) [2013/03/18]
12 Labyrinth of Demon (5) 悪魔の迷宮(5) [2013/03/19]

Volume 3

Volume 3
1 To Daily Life 日常へ [2013/03/20]
2 Master of the Beastkin Girls 獣娘達のご主人さま [2013/03/21]
3 At the Slave Market 奴隷市場にて [2013/03/22]
4 Little Girl and Night Turmoil 幼女と夜の騒動 [2013/03/23]
5 The Japanese in Different World 異世界の日本人 [2013/03/24]
6 Hero and the Taboo Girl 勇者と忌み色の娘 [2013/03/25]
7 Past, Failure and Withered Labyrinth 過去と失敗と枯れた迷宮 [2013/03/26]
8 Masked Hero 仮面の勇者 [2013/03/27]
  i   Intermission: Zena 幕間:ゼナ [2013/03/29]

Volume 4

Volume 4
1 Misunderstanding is a Spice for Love Comedy 誤解はラブコメのスパイス [2013/03/30]
2 Little Girls Shopping 幼女たちの買い物 [2013/03/31]
3 Miscellaneous Matters and Flags 雑事とフラグ [2013/04/01]
4 Flea Market 蚤の市 [2013/04/02]
5 Flea Market (2) 蚤の市(2) [2013/04/03]
6 Carriage and Coachman 馬車と御者 [2013/04/04]
7 Satou's Secret サトゥーのヒミツ [2013/04/05]
8 Demon Lord Season 魔王の季節 [2013/04/06]
9 Things That Could be Done Alone 一人でできる事 [2013/04/07]
10 The Night Before Departure 出立前夜 [2013/04/08]
11 Departure (1) 出立(1) [2013/04/09]
12 Departure (2) 出立(2) [2013/04/10]
i1 Intermission-1: A Certain Master and His Vassal's Conversation 幕間1:ある主従の会話 [2013/04/11]
i2 Intermission-2: Friends of Yuni 幕間2:ユニの友達 [2013/04/12]

Volume 5

Volume 5
1 Journey (1) 旅路(1) [2013/04/13]
2 Journey (2) 旅路(2) [2013/04/14]
3 Black Mist 黒い靄 [2013/04/15]
4 Flying Ants (1) 大羽蟻(1) [2013/04/16]
5 Flying Ants (2) 大羽蟻(2) [2013/04/17]
6 The Rat Princess 鼠のお姫さま [2013/04/18]
7 Mistake and Clean-up 失敗と清掃 [2013/04/19]
8 Shadow Stalker 這いよる影 [2013/04/20]
9 Shadow and Magician 影と魔術士 [2013/04/21]
10 Maze of Trazayuya トラザユーヤの迷路 [2013/04/22]
11 Maze of Trazayuya (2) トラザユーヤの迷路(2) [2013/04/23]
12 Maze of Trazayuya (3) トラザユーヤの迷路(3) [2013/04/24]
13 Maze of Trazayuya (4) トラザユーヤの迷路(4) [2013/04/25]
14 Joining 合流 [2013/04/26]
15 Joining (2) 合流(2) [2013/04/27]
i1 Intermission-1: At Territorial Army 幕間1:領軍にて [2013/04/28]
i2 Intermission-2: Labyrinth and Fairy 幕間2:迷宮と妖精 [2013/04/29]
i3 Intermission-3: Tama 幕間3:タマ [2013/04/30]
i4 Intermission-4: The Work of Manager-san 幕間4:店長さんのお仕事 [2013/05/01]
i5 Intermission-5: Young Merchant and Orphanage Children 幕間5:青年商人と孤児院の子供達 [2013/05/02]
i6 Intermission-6: Arisa's Master 幕間6:アリサのご主人さま [2013/05/03]

Volume 6

Volume 6
1 I Want to Practice Magic [Failure Arc] 魔法が使いたい[失敗編] [2013/05/04]
2 Let's Train 修行しよう [2013/05/05]
3 Strengthening 強化しよう [2013/05/06]
4 The First Thieves [Revised] はじめての盗賊[改定版] [2013/05/07]
5 Clean-up and Rumor 後始末と噂話 [2013/05/08]
6 Tavern and Rumors 酒場と噂話 [2013/05/09]
7 I want to Practice Magic [Cheat Arc] 魔法が使いたい[チート編] [2013/05/10]
8 Fashion Show ファッションショー [2013/05/11]
9 People of Baron Muno Territory (1) ムーノ男爵領の人々(1) [2013/05/12]
10 Magic Circuit and Rose Engraving 魔導回路と薔薇の彫刻 [2013/05/13]
11 People of Baron Muno Territory (2) ムーノ男爵領の人々(2) [2013/05/14]
12 People of Baron Muno Territory (3) ムーノ男爵領の人々(3) [2013/05/15]
13 People of Baron Muno Territory (4) ムーノ男爵領の人々(4) [2013/05/16]
14 People of Baron Muno Territory (5) ムーノ男爵領の人々(5) [2013/05/17]
15 People of Baron Muno Territory (6) ムーノ男爵領の人々(6) [2013/05/18]
16 People of Baron Muno Territory (7) ムーノ男爵領の人々(7) [2013/05/19]
17 People of Baron Muno Territory (8) ムーノ男爵領の人々(8) [2013/05/20]
18 People of Baron Muno Territory (9) ムーノ男爵領の人々(9) [2013/05/21]
19 Golden Holy Sword and Magic Tools 黄金の聖剣と魔法道具 [2013/05/22]
20 People of Baron Muno Territory (10) ムーノ男爵領の人々(10) [2013/05/23]
21 People of Baron Muno Territory (11) ムーノ男爵領の人々(11) [2013/05/24]
22 Battle of Muno City (1) ムーノ市の戦い(1) [2013/05/25]
23 Young Lady and Knight Thief 令嬢と盗賊騎士 [2013/05/26]
24 Battle of Muno City (2) ムーノ市の戦い(2) [2013/05/27]
25 Battle of Muno City (3) ムーノ市の戦い(3) [2013/05/28]
26 Battle of Muno City (4) ムーノ市の戦い(4) [2013/05/29]
27 Battle of Muno City (5) ムーノ市の戦い(5) [2013/05/30]
28 The Girls' Battles 娘さんたちの戦い [2013/05/31]
29 The Girls' Battles (2) 娘さんたちの戦い(2) [2013/06/01]
30 The Girls' Battles (3) .娘さんたちの戦い(3) [2013/06/02]
31 The Girls' Battles (4) 娘さんたちの戦い(4) [2013/06/03]
32 Mortal Combat with the Demon?! 魔族との死闘?! [2013/06/04]
33 End of Turmoil 騒動の終わり [2013/06/05]
34 End of Turmoil (2) 騒動の終わり(2) [2013/06/06]
i1 Intermission-1: Lulu 幕間1:ルル [2013/06/07]
i2 Intermission-2: Muno's Past 幕間2:ムーノ領の過去 [2013/06/08]
i3 Intermission-3: Muno Castle's Servant 幕間3:ムーノ城の使用人 [2013/06/09]
i4 Intermission-4: Dream of Summer Day 幕間4:夏の日の夢 [2013/06/10]
i5 Intermission-5: Satou's House Name 幕間5:サトゥーの家名 [2013/06/11]
i6 Intermission-6: Lord's Secret 幕間6:領主の秘密 [2014/12/23]

Volume 7

Volume 7
1 To the Hometown of the Dwarves ドワーフの里へ [2013/06/12]
2 At the Hometown of the Dwarves (1) ドワーフの里にて(1) [2013/06/13]
3 At the Hometown of the Dwarves (2) ドワーフの里にて(2) [2013/06/14]
4 At the Hometown of the Dwarves (3) ドワーフの里にて(3) [2013/06/15]
5 At the Hometown of the Dwarves (4) ドワーフの里にて(4) [2013/06/16]
6 At the Hometown of the Dwarves (5) ドワーフの里にて(5) [2013/06/17]
7 Scrolls and Cheat 巻物とチート [2013/06/18]
8 Wolves and Stalker Reserves オオカミとストーカー予備軍 [2013/06/19]
9 Karina and the Maid Squad カリナとメイド隊 [2013/06/20]
10 At the Canal's Bank 運河の畔で [2013/06/21]
11 At the Canal's Bank (2) 運河の畔で(2) [2013/06/22]
12 Gururian City Disturbance グルリアン市の騒動 [2013/06/23]
13 Gururian City Disturbance (2) .グルリアン市の騒動(2) [2013/06/24]
14 Gururian City Disturbance (3) グルリアン市の騒動(3) [2013/06/25]
15 Various Japanese People 色々な日本人 [2013/06/26]
16 Gururian City Night グルリアン市の夜 [2013/06/27]
17 Ship Travel 船の旅 [2013/06/28]
18 Ship Travel (2) 船の旅(2) [2013/06/29]
19 A Night No One Knows 誰も知らない夜 [2013/06/30]
20 A Night No One Knows (2) 誰も知らない夜(2) [2013/07/01]
21 A Night No One Knows (3) 誰も知らない夜(3) [2013/07/02]
22 A Night No One Knows (4) 誰も知らない夜(4) [2013/07/03]
23 A Night No One Knows (5) 誰も知らない夜(5) [2013/07/04]
i1 Intermission-1: The Melancholy of Zajir 幕間1:ザジウルの憂鬱 [2013/07/05]
i2 Intermission-2: Zena's Squad Disaster 幕間2:ゼナ隊の災難 [2013/07/06]
i3 Intermission-3: Pochi's Secret 幕間3:ポチの秘密 [2013/07/07]
i4 Intermission-4: Pochi and Picture Book 幕間4:ポチと絵本 [2013/07/07]
i5 Intermission-5: The Agony of a Transported Person 幕間5:転移者の受難 [2013/07/08]

Volume 8

Volume 8
1 At the Capital of the Duchy 公都にて [2013/07/09]
2 Visitor from the Sky 空からの訪問者 [2013/07/10]
3 Downtown Disturbance 下町の騒動 [2013/07/11]
4 Downtown Disturbance (2) 下町の騒動(2) [2013/07/12]
5 Workshops and Museum Visits 工房見学と博物館 [2013/07/13]
6 Workshops and Museum Visits (2) 工房見学と博物館(2) [2013/07/14]
7 Nighttime Training 夜間訓練 [2013/07/15]
8 At Toruma's Residence トルマ邸にて [2013/07/16]
9 At Toruma's Residence (2) トルマ邸にて(2) [2013/07/17]
10 To the Duke's Castle 公爵城へ [2013/07/18]
11 To the Duke's Castle (2) 公爵城へ(2) [2013/07/19]
12 Tea Party Days お茶会の日々 [2013/07/20]
13 The Viscount and the Scroll Workshop 子爵と巻物工房 [2013/07/21]
14 The Night before the Final 決勝前夜 [2013/07/22]
15 The Day of the Final 決勝当日 [2013/07/23]
16 The Day of the Final (2) 決勝当日(2) [2013/07/23]
17 The Day of the Final (3) 決勝当日(3) [2013/07/24]
18 The Day of the Final (4) 決勝当日(4) [2013/07/25]
19 The Battle in the Arena 闘技場での戦い [2013/07/26]
20 The Battle in the Arena (2) 闘技場での戦い(2) [2013/07/27]
21 The Battle in the Arena (3) 闘技場での戦い(3) [2013/07/28]
22 The Hero and Satou 勇者とサトゥー[改定版] [2013/07/29]
23 The Hero and Satou (2) 勇者とサトゥー(2)[改定版] [2013/07/30]
24 The Hero and Satou (3) 勇者とサトゥー(3)[改定版] [2013/07/31]
25 Parting at Duchy Capital Night 公都の夜に別れを [2013/08/01]
26 Parting at Duchy Capital Night (2) 公都の夜に別れを(2)[改定版] [2013/08/02]
i Intermission 1: Dance and Tea Party ダンスとお茶会 [2013/08/03]
i Intermission 2: Orc Alchemist オークの錬金術士 [2013/08/04]
i Intermission 3: Tenion Head Miko [First Part] テニオンの巫女長【前編】 [2013/08/05]
i Intermission 4: Tenion Head Miko [Latter Part] テニオンの巫女長【後編】 [2013/08/06]
ss Side Story 1: Arisa and The Devil Box アリサと悪魔の箱 [2013/11/10]
i Intermission 5: Mia and the Dietary Restriction ミーアと食事制限 [2013/08/06]
i Intermission 6: Hime Miko 姫巫女 [2013/08/07]
i Intermission 7: Sera セーラ [2013/08/07]
ss Side Story 2: Orion and Rumor オリオンと噂 [2013/11/10]
ss Side Story 3: Pochi and Scary Thing ポチの怖いモノ [2013/11/10]
ss Side Story 4: Christmas クリスマス [2013/12/25]
i Intermission 8: Night of the Party パーティーの夜 [2013/12/25]

Volume 9

Volume 9
1 To the Town of Magic Hunters 魔狩人の街へ [2013/08/08]
2 At the Town of Magic Hunters 魔狩人の街にて [2013/08/09]
3 At the Town of Magic Hunters (2) 魔狩人の街にて(2) [2013/08/10]
4 At the Town of Magic Hunters (3) 魔狩人の街にて(3) [2013/08/11]
5 At the Town of Magic Hunters (4) 魔狩人の街にて(4) [2013/08/12]
6 At the Town of Magic Hunters (5) 魔狩人の街にて(5) [2013/08/13]
7 Highway of Weeds 雑草の街道 [2013/08/14]
8 Air Travel 空の旅 [2013/08/15]
9 Fisherman's Profit 漁夫の利 [2013/08/16]
10 Mountain Range Encounter 山脈の出会い [2013/08/17]
11 Mountain Range Encounter (2) 山脈の出会い(2) [2013/08/18]
12 Bornean Forest ボルエナンの森 [2013/08/19]
13 Bornean Forest (2) ボルエナンの森(2) [2013/08/20]
14 Mia's Secret ミーアの秘密 [2013/08/21]
15 Secret of Boruenan ボルエナンの秘密 [2013/08/22]
16 High Elf ハイエルフ [2013/08/23]
17 Daily Life of the Elves エルフたちの日常 [2013/08/24]
18 Ishibutai Training 石舞台の修行 [2013/08/25]
19 Ishibutai Training (2) 石舞台の修行(2) [2013/08/26]
20 The Spriggan's Training Site スプリガンの修練所 [2013/08/27]
21 Pests Extermination 害虫退治 [2013/08/28]
22 Pests Extermination (2) 害虫退治(2) [2013/08/29]
23 Pests Extermination (3) 害虫退治(3) [2013/08/30]
24 The Search at the Duchy Capital 公都での探索 [2013/08/31]
25 The Search at the Duchy Capital (2) 公都での探索(2) [2013/09/01]
26 Nostalgic Place 懐かしい場所 [2013/09/02]
27 Pests Extermination (4) 害虫退治(4) [2013/09/03]
28 Curry Festival カレー祭り [2013/09/04]
29 The Extermination Preparation 駆除準備 [2013/09/05]
30 Pests Extermination Operation 害虫駆除作戦 [2013/09/06]
31 Pests Extermination Operation (2) 害虫駆除作戦(2) [2013/09/07]
32 Victory Celebration Party 祝勝パーティー [2013/09/08]
33 Parting with Boruenan Forest ボルエナンの森に別れを [2013/09/09]
i Intermission 1: The Misfortune of Puta Town [First Part] 幕間:プタの街の災難[前編] [2013/09/10]
i Intermission 2: The Misfortune of Puta Town [Latter Part] 幕間:プタの街の災難[後編] [2013/09/11]
ss Side Story 1: Muno City Anecdote SS:ムーノ市小話 [2013/11/10]
i Intermission 3: At Baron Muno Territory 幕間:ムーノ男爵領にて [2013/09/12]
ss Side Story 2: The Baron's Treasure SS:男爵の宝物 [2013/11/10]
i Intermission 4: Sera's Misfortune 幕間:セーラの不運 [2013/09/13]
ss Side Story 3: Lulu's Pests Extermination SS:ルルの害虫退治 [2013/11/10]
ss Side Story 4: Doctor Pochi SS:ポチのお医者さん [2013/11/10]
ss Side Story 5: Fishing SS:釣り [2013/11/10]

Volume 10

Chapter 10-1 Sea Travel
Chapter 10-2 The Two Earldoms
Chapter 10-3 To the Labyrinth City
Chapter 10-4 Explorer Guild
Chapter 10-5 To the Labyrinth
Chapter 10-6 Passage of Death
Chapter 10-7 Labyrinth Exploration
Chapter 10-8 Labyrinth Exploration (2)
Chapter 10-9 Labyrinth Exploration (3)
Chapter 10-10 Labyrinth Exploration (4)
Chapter 10-11 The Value of Safe Return
Chapter 10-12 Courtesy Calls
Chapter 10-13 Courtesy Calls (2)
Chapter 10-14 Mansion of Ivy
Chapter 10-15 Red Iron Plate
Chapter 10-16 Guild Disturbance
Chapter 10-17 Temporary Residence
Chapter 10-18 Temporary Residence (2)
Chapter 10-19 Manager of the Mansion
Chapter 10-20 New Hunting Ground
Chapter 10-21 New Hunting Ground (2)
Chapter 10-22 New Hunting Ground (3) [Revised]
Chapter 10-23 Residences of the Mansion
Chapter 10-24 Explorers
Chapter 10-25 Explorers (2)
Chapter 10-26 Dinner and Personal Connections
Chapter 10-27 Dinner and Personal Connections (2)
Chapter 10-28 Princess and Lost Thieves
Chapter 10-29 Lost Thief Extermination
Chapter 10-30 Lost Thief Extermination (2)
Chapter 10-31 Fiend Drug
Chapter 10-32 Fiend Drug (2)
Chapter 10-33 Fiend Drug (3)
Chapter 10-34 Fiend Drug (4)
Chapter 10-35 Selection Test
Chapter 10-35-2 Banquet and the Truth of Beria [Revised Version]
Chapter 10-36 The Man in Black Clothes
Chapter 10-37 The Man in Black Clothes (2)
Chapter 10-38 The Man in Black Clothes (3)
Chapter 10-39 Training
Chapter 10-40 Training (2)
Chapter 10-41 Magic Metals
Chapter 10-42 Mithril Plate
Chapter 10-43 Mithril Plate (2)
Chapter 10-44 The Face under the Mask
Chapter 10-45 Mithril Plate (3)
Chapter 10-46 Mithril Plate (4)
Chapter 10-47 Mithril Plate (5)
Chapter 10-48 Dog-Head Demon Lord
Chapter 10-49 Dog-Head Demon Lord (2)
Chapter 10-50 Floor Master
Chapter 10-51 Floor Master (2)
Chapter 10-Intermission 1 Mochi Pounding
Chapter 10-Intermission 2 Pochi and Tama's Part Time Job
Chapter 10-SS 1 First Carbonated Water
Chapter 10-SS 2 Fortunate Children
Chapter 10-SS 3 Daily Life of Explorers [Ant Wing Silver Sword]
Chapter 10-SS 4 Tama's Stroll
Chapter 10-Intermission 3 The Adventure of Ninja Tama
Chapter 10-SS 5 Lulu's Kitchen Knife
Chapter 10-SS 6 Hamburg Steak Fraud
Chapter 10-SS 7 Letters to Yuni
Chapter 10-SS 8 Liza's Buying and Eating
Chapter 10-SS 9 The Trick to Enjoy Food Carts
Chapter 10-SS 10 Very Popular
Chapter 10-Intermission 4 Golden Knight and the Caged Birds
Chapter 10-Intermission 5 The Journey of Zena Squad
Chapter 10-Intermission 6 The Journey of Zena Squad (2)
Chapter 10-Intermission 7 The Journey of Zena Squad (3)
Chapter 10-SS 11 Hot Sand Extra Hard Training
Chapter 10-SS 12 Hot Sand Extra Hard Training (2) Flying Boots Arc
Chapter 10-SS 13 The Melancholy of Leriril

Volume 11

Volume 11
1 Victory Celebration Party 祝勝会 [2014/01/17]
2 Reunion (1) 再会(1) [2014/01/19]
3 Reunion (2) 再会(2) [2014/01/26]
4 Reunion (3) 再会(3) [2014/02/02]
5 Karina's Weapons カリナの武器 [2014/02/09]
6 Omen 予兆 [2014/02/16]
7 The Whereabouts of Zena ゼナの行方 [2014/02/23]
8 The Whereabouts of Zena (2) ゼナの行方(2) [2014/03/02]
9 Vampires (1) 吸血鬼(1) [2014/03/09]
10 Vampires (2) 吸血鬼(2) [2014/03/12]
11 Vampires (3) 吸血鬼(3) [2014/03/16]
12 Date (1) デート(1) [2014/03/17]
13 Date (2) デート(2) [2014/03/18]
14 Power-leveling パワーレベリング [2014/03/19]
15 Revisit 再来訪 [2014/03/20]
16 War of the Underground Empire 地下帝国の戦争 [2014/03/23]
17 Desperate Struggle in the Subterranean Volcano?! 地底火山の死闘?! [2014/03/30]
18 Oni [2014/04/06]
19 Oni (2) 鬼(2) [2014/04/13]
20 The Pleasant Fellowship of the Underground Labyrinth 地下迷宮の愉快な仲間達 [2014/04/20]
21 To the Royal Capital (1) 王都へ(1) [2014/04/27]
22 To the Royal Capital (2) 王都へ(2) [2014/05/04]
23 To the Royal Capital (3) 王都へ(3) [2014/05/05]
ss Side Story 1: Practice Scene SS:練習風景 [2014/05/06]
ss Side Story 2: Blue Mantle SS:青いマント [2014/05/06]
ss Side Story 3: Loot SS:戦利品 [2014/05/10]
i1 Intermission-1: Top Meat Skewers and Pendragon 幕間:上肉串とペンドラゴン [2014/05/10]
ss Side Story 4: Pochi's Pupils SS:ポチの生徒達 [2014/05/11]
i2 Intermission-2: The Tale of Sir Pendragon 幕間:ペンドラゴン卿の物語 [2014/05/11]
ss Side Story 5: The Person Aze's Waiting for SS:アーゼの待ち人 [2014/05/17]
ss Side Story 6: The Decision of Sir Trell SS:トレル卿の決断 [2014/12/14]
ss Side Story 7: Mia's Music Hall SS:ミーアの音楽教室 [2014/12/14]
ss Side Story 8: Liza's Service? SS:リザのご奉仕? [2014/12/14]
ss Side Story 9: Arisa-Sensei's Magic Classroom SS:アリサ先生の魔法教室 [2014/12/14]

Volume 12

Volume 12
1 Journey to the Royal Capital 王都への旅路 [2014/05/18]
2 Journey to the Royal Capital (2) 王都への旅路(2) [2014/05/25]
3 Journey to the Royal Capital (3) 王都への旅路(3) [2014/06/01]
4 Journey to the Royal Capital (4) 王都への旅路(4) [2014/06/08]
5 Reception 出迎え [2014/06/15]
6 Liza's Strength リザの実力 [2014/06/22]
7 Challengers 挑戦者達 [2014/06/29]
8 Under the Sakura Tree 桜の木の下で [2014/07/06]
9 Under the Sakura Tree (2) 桜の木の下で(2) [2014/07/13]
10 Complicating Negotiation 紛糾する折衝 [2014/07/20]
11 Royal Capital's Mansion 王都の屋敷 [2014/07/27]
12 Royal Capital's Mansion (2) 王都の屋敷(2) [2014/08/03]
13 Inventor Boy 少年発明家 [2014/08/10]
14 The King and Nanashi 王とナナシ [2014/08/17]
15 Carelessness of the Royal Research Institute 王立研究所の不始末 [2014/08/24]
16 Invitation to Breakfast Gathering 朝食会のお誘い [2014/08/31]
17 Someone who Squirms Behind the Incident 事件の背後で蠢く者 [2014/09/07]
18 Tea Party's Intruder お茶会の闖入者 [2014/09/14]
19 The Gathering of Shiga Eight Swords シガ八剣の集い [2014/09/21]
20 A Long Royal Capital Night 王都の長い夜 [2014/09/28]
21 A Long Royal Capital Night (2) 王都の長い夜(2) [2014/10/05]
22 Royal Capital Chaos 混乱の王都 [2014/10/12]
23 The Royal Capital's Magic Circle 王都の魔法陣 [2014/10/19]
24 Sakura-colored Greater Demon 桜色の上級魔族 [2014/10/26]
25 Sakura-colored Greater Demon (2) 桜色の上級魔族(2) [2014/11/02]
26 The Holy Grail under the Royal Capital 王都地下の聖杯 [2014/11/09]
27 The Whereabouts of the Prophecy 預言の行方 [2014/11/16]
28 God カミ [2014/11/20]
29 The Black Left Arm 黒い左腕 [2014/11/23]
30 The Dance Party at the Royal Castle 王城の舞踏会 [2014/11/30]
i Intermission 1: New Year Dish 幕間:正月料理 [2014/12/07]
ss Side Story 1: Dance Practice SS:ダンス練習 [2014/12/14]
ss Side Story 2: Arisa and Intrigue SS:アリサと悪巧み [2014/12/14]
ss Side Story 3: Lulu and Ingredients Shopping SS:ルルと食材買出し [2015/01/12]
ss Side Story 4: Tama and Bad People Suppression SS:タマと悪者退治 [2015/01/12]
i Intermission 2: New Year Greeting 幕間:新年の挨拶 [2015/01/12]
i Intermission 3: In the Shadow of the Royal Capital 幕間:王都の陰で [2014/12/14]

Volume 13

Chapter 13-1 Ascending Peerage
Chapter 13-2 New Year Works
Chapter 13-3 Royal Academy
Chapter 13-4 New Year Special Training
Chapter 13-5 At The Royal Castle
Chapter 13-6 Royal Academy (2)
Chapter 13-7 Scattering Bait
Chapter 13-8 Princess of the Forbidden Library
Chapter 13-9 Fujisan Mountains Shrine
Chapter 13-10 Arrest
Chapter 13-11 Arrest (?)[both the titles are the same]
Chapter 13-12 Luncheon with Earl Seryuu
Chapter 13-13 Evening Party at the Royal Capital
Chapter 13-14 Evening Party at the Royal Capital (2)
Chapter 13-15 Royal Capital Sightseeing, Downtown Arc
Chapter 13-16 Royal Capital Sightseeing, Downtown Arc (2)
Chapter 13-17 Royal Capital Sightseeing, Downtown Arc (3)
Chapter 13-18 Satou and Kuro
Chapter 13-19 Nanashi and Arisa
Chapter 13-20 Nanashi and Arisa (2)
Chapter 13-21 The Princess's Tea Party
Chapter 13-22 The Princess's Tea Party (2)
Chapter 13-23 Outcome of the Tea Party
Chapter 13-24 Secret of the Red Rope
Chapter 13-25 Secret of the Red Rope (2)
Chapter 13-26 The Third Auction Day
Chapter 13-27 The Third Auction Day (2)
Chapter 13-28 Orb
Chapter 13-29 Behind the Orbs (1)
Chapter 13-30 Behind the Orbs (2)
Chapter 13-31 Demon Lord Shin
Chapter 13-32 Demon Lord Shin (2)
Chapter 13-33 Demon Lord Shin (3)
Chapter 13-34 The King's Request
Chapter 13-35 Escort
Chapter 13-36 Inauguration
Chapter 13-37 Inauguration (2)
Chapter 13-38 Inauguration (3) [Typo]
Chapter 13-Intermission 1 Want to Practice Magic [Orb Arc]
Chapter 13-Intermission 2 John Smith
Chapter 13-SS 1 Liza the Magic Spear
Chapter 13-SS 2 Satou's Inspection
Chapter 13-SS 3 The Phantom Underground Empire
Chapter 13-SS 4 Excursion
Chapter 13-SS 5 Southern Island
Chapter 13-SS 6 Tifaliza

Volume 14

Chapter 14-1 Sightseeing Base
Chapter 14-2 At the Labyrinth City
Chapter 14-3 At the Labyrinth City (2)
Chapter 14-4 Yowok Kingdom
Chapter 14-5 Yowok Kingdom (2)
Chapter 14-6 Holy State Parion [Revised]
Chapter 14-7 Holy State Parion (2)
Chapter 14-8 Holy State Parion (3) [Revised]
Chapter 14-9 Racial Difference
Chapter 14-10 Rumor about the Apostle
Chapter 14-11 The Territory of Marquis Ganika
Chapter 14 ss (?) The Territory of Marquis Ganika, Later
Chapter 14-12 Territory of Duke Oyugock (1)
Chapter 14-13 Territory of Duke Oyugock (2)
Chapter 14-14 Bolhart (1)
Chapter 14-15 Bolhart (2)
Chapter 14-16 Muno Earldom
Chapter 14-17 Muno Earldom (2)
Chapter 14-18 Muno Earldom (3)
Chapter 14-19 Muno Earldom (4)
Chapter 14-20 Snow Kingdom (1)
Chapter 14-21-SS Snow Kingdom (2) SS
Chapter 14-22 Snow Kingdom (3)
Chapter 14-23 Snow Kingdom (4)
Chapter 14-24 Snow Kingdom (5)
Chapter 14-25 Snow Kingdom (6)
Chapter 14-26 Snow Kingdom (7)
Chapter 14-27 Journey Across the Eastern Countries
Chapter 14-28 Water Peach Kingdom (1)
Chapter 14-29 Water Peach Kingdom (2)
Chapter 14-30 Water Peach Kingdom (3)
Chapter 14-31 Water Peach Kingdom (4)
Chapter 14-32 Water Peach Kingdom (5)
Chapter 14-33 Research and an Act in Daily Life
Chapter 14-34 Wyvern Kingdom (1) Road to the Dragon Shrine
Chapter 14-35 Wyvern Kingdom (2) Meeting at the Dragon Shrine
Chapter 14-36 Wyvern Kingdom (3) Shippu the Lesser Dragon
Chapter 14-37 Wyvern Kingdom (4) Lesser Dragon Bouryu VS Liza
Chapter 14-38 Wyvern Kingdom (5) At the Black Dragon Mountains
Chapter 14-39 Wyvern Kingdom (6) Silga Castle
Chapter 14-40 Wyvern Kingdom (7) Turmoil at the Checking Station
Chapter 14-41 Wyvern Kingdom (8) The Fake Apostle
Chapter 14-42 Wyvern Kingdom (9) Cleaning-up
Chapter 14-43 War Kingdom (1) Scientific Weapons
Chapter 14-44 War Kingdom (2) Dragon Riders
Chapter 14-45 War Kingdom (3) The Weasel's Aim
Chapter 14-46 War Kingdom (4) Interrogation
Chapter 14-47 Follow-up Processing
Chapter 14-Intermission 1 Ancient Dragon Continent and Primeval Magic
Chapter 14-SS 1 People of the Ancient Dragon Continent
Chapter 14-Intermission 2 Immigrants of Governor Pendragon
Chapter 14-Intermission 3 Satou's Research (1)
Chapter 14-Intermission 4 Satou's Research (2)

Volume 15

Chapter 15-1 To the Weasel Empire
Chapter 15-2 Parish
Chapter 15-3 An Ordinary Village
Chapter 15-4 An Ordinary Town
Chapter 15-5 An Ordinary Town (2)
Chapter 15-6 Temple Knights
Chapter 15-7 Dejima Island
Chapter 15-8 Dejima Island (2)
Chapter 15-9 Phantasmal Labyrinth
Chapter 15-10 Phantasmal Labyrinth (2)
Chapter 15-11 Phantasmal Labyrinth (3)
Chapter 15-12 Hero in the Labyrinth
Chapter 15-Intermission Hero's Break
Chapter 15-13 Hero in the Labyrinth (2)
Chapter 15-14 Hero VS Demon Lord
Chapter 15-15 Hero VS Demon Lord (2)
Chapter 15-16 Hero VS Demon Lord (3)
Chapter 15-17 Celebration
Chapter 15-SS The Melancholy of Dungeon Core
Chapter 15-18 Intermission
Chapter 15-19 Weasel Empire, at the Imperial Capital
Chapter 15-20 The Empire's Subjects
Chapter 15-21 Brains
Chapter 15-22 Audience
Chapter 15-23 The Forbidden Science
Chapter 15-24 Trazayuya
Chapter 15-25 Dungeon's Function
Chapter 15-26 God's Breath
Chapter 15-27 Divine Punishment
Chapter 15-28 Divine Punishment (2), the Power of Science
Chapter 15-29 Divine Punishment (3), Satou's Identity
Chapter 15-30 Divine Punishment (4) Basis
Chapter 15-31 The Golden Knights' Deployment, Preparation (1)
Chapter 15-32 The Golden Knights' Deployment, Preparation (2)
Chapter 15-33 The Golden Knights' Deployment (1)
Chapter 15-34 Golden Knights' Deployment (2), Seryuu City's Boy Knight
Chapter 15-35 Golden Knights' Deployment (3), Little Hero
Chapter 15-36 Divine Punishment (5), The Forbidden Knights
Chapter 15-37 Divine Punishment (6), Hero Meiko
Chapter 15-38 Divine Punishment (7), Hero Vs Demon Lord
Chapter 15-39 Divine Punishment (8), Dog Hero Pochi
Chapter 15-40 Divine Punishment (9), Reinforcements
Chapter 15-41 Divine Punishment (10), End
Chapter 15-42 Mastermind
Chapter 15-43 New World (1)
Chapter 15-44 New World (2)
Chapter 15-Intermission 1 Hayato Masaki
Chapter 15-Intermission 2 At the Eastern End of the Continent (1)
Chapter 15-Intermission 3 At the Eastern End of the Continent (2)
Chapter 15-Intermission 4 At Muno Earldom
Chapter 15-Intermission 5. At Muno Earldom (2)
Chapter 15-Intermission 6. A Peaceful Day [Arisa]
Chapter 15-Intermission 7. The Journey of John Smith
Chapter 15-Intermission 8. Rumor of Demon Lord Slayer
Chapter 15-Intermission 9. Divine Punishment Day, Front Line
Chapter 15-Intermission 10. Ruin Exploration

Volume 16

Chapter 16-1. Effect of Slaying Demon Lord
Chapter 16-2. The Royal Castle's Salon
Chapter 16-3. Imperial Princess Marriage
Chapter 16-4. Inspections
Chapter 16-5. Various Conclusions
Chapter 16-6. Holy Shell Mobile Armor (1)
Chapter 16-7. Holy Shell Mobile Armor (2)
Chapter 16-8. Ringrande's Homecoming
Chapter 16-9. Sera's Resolution
Chapter 16-10. Behind the Ceremony (1)
Chapter 16-11. Behind the Ceremony (2)
Chapter 16-12. A Conversation with God Tenion
Chapter 16-13. End of the Assailants (1)
Chapter 16-14. End of the Assailants (2)
Chapter 16-15. New Journey
Chapter 16-16. To the Country of Sun (1)
Chapter 16-Intermission 1. Royal Capital Then
Chapter 16-17. To the Country of Sun (2)
Chapter 16-18. To the Country of Sun (3)
Chapter 16-19. Heraruon Temple
Chapter 16-20. Sania Kingdom (1)
Chapter 16-21. Sania Kingdom (2)
Chapter 16-22. Sania Kingdom (3)
Chapter 16-23. Land King's Subjugation Fight
Chapter 16-24. Sania Kingdom (4)
Chapter 16-25. Garleon Union (1)
Chapter 16-26. Garleon Union (2)
Chapter 16-27. Garleon Union (3)
Chapter 16-28. Garleon Union (4)
Chapter 16-29. Garleon Union (5)
Chapter 16-30. Garleon Union (6)
Chapter 16-31. Garleon Union (7)
Chapter 16-32. Garleon Union (8)
Chapter 16-33. Garleon Union (9)
Chapter 16-34. Garleon Union (10)
Chapter 16-35. Earl Seryuu's Foster Daugther (1)
Chapter 16-36. Earl Seryuu's Foster Daugther (2)
Chapter 16-37. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (1)
Chapter 16-38. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (2)
Chapter 16-39. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (3)
Chapter 16-40. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (4)
Chapter 16-41. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (5)
Chapter 16-42. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald  (6)
Chapter 16-43. The Four Heroes (1) 
Chapter 16-44. The Four Heroes (2)
Chapter 16-45. Pier Rock Kingdom, Oblation Contest (1)
Chapter 16-46. Trial of Zaikuon (1)
Chapter 16-47. Trial of Zaikuon (2)
Chapter 16-48. Trial of Zaikuon (3)
Chapter 16-49. Trial of Zaikuon (4)
Chapter 16-50. Vampires
Chapter 16-51. Guardian Dragon
Chapter 16-52. Sage's Tower
Chapter 16-53. Sage's Tower (2)
Chapter 16-54. Sage's Tower (3)
Chapter 16-55. Sage's Tower (4)
Chapter 16-56. Sage's Tower (5)
Chapter 16-57. Sage's Tower (6)
Chapter 16-58.Intermission 2. behind the incidents
Chapter 16-59. Sage's Tower (7)
Chapter 16-60. Sage's Tower (8)
Chapter 16-61. Sage's Tower (9)
Chapter 16-62. Holy State Parion, again(1)
Chapter 16-63. Holy State Parion, again(2)
Chapter 16-64. Holy State Parion, again(3)
Chapter 16-65. Holy State Parion, again(4)
Chapter 16-66. To Saga Empire
Chapter 16-67. To Saga Empire (2)
Chapter 16-68. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (1)
Chapter 16-69. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (2)
Chapter 16-70. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (3)
Chapter 16-71. Saga Empire, Satou's Battle
Chapter 16-72. Intermission: The House-Sitting Team and Small Accidents in the World
Chapter 16-73. Intermission: The House-sitting Team and Small Accidents in the World (2)
Chapter 16-74. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (4)
Chapter 16-75. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (5)
Chapter 16-76. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (6)
Chapter 16-77. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (7)
Chapter 16-78. Repatriation
Chapter 16-79. Saga Empire, Satou's Battle (2)
Chapter 16-80. God Keys

Volume 17

Chapter 17-1. Ceremony
Chapter 17-2. Garden Party (1)
Chapter 17-3. Garden Party (2)
Chapter 17-4. Purple Mound
Chapter 17-5. To Realm of Gods
Chapter 17-Intermission 1. The Melancholy of Liza
Chapter 17-6. To Realm of Gods (2)

Novel Summary

This is done for those who wish for a short summary of the story.

The summary will be derived from the WN because all forms of release have a slightly varying plot but they are all other forms are drawn directly from the WN

Chapter 1

the story begins with a certain programmer working on a MMO for a certain computer game company. He then gets ordered by his slave driving boss to go through a rigorous debugging session. After falling asleep from fatigue from debugging for several days straight, he wakes up inside what he perceives to be a game world, mainly from the computer game-style menu he has in his vision as if it were an AR. He takes a look around and akins the environment to something along the lines of the Grand Canyon. He then takes out his cellphone but before he notices he can't get any signal, he sees his own reflection and notices that he has become significantly younger and uses this as evidence to believe that he is simply dreaming.

He explores the new menu that is in front of him and looks at the personality tab. His character is listed as "Satou" a common name he uses for debugging and is listed as a 15 year old male with the occupation of "management". He then finds 2 different spells in his toolbar, [All-Map Exploration] and [Meteor shower]. He immediately activates the {All-Map Exploration] and the map opens up and shows a large unit of level 50 lizards heading in his direction while being denoted as enemies. To be on the safe side, He activates the meteor shower and several moments later, a large number of meteorites fall from the sky, completely annihilating the lizard unit and pretty much everything behind it. After the meteors stop falling, Satou passes out.

He awakens an undisclosed amount of time later and checks his exchange column (identity page) and suddenly sees that his level has become 310 in addition to gaining a large number of titles. He then continues to look around and finds the [Log] there it shows a near infinite number of 'Defeated xxxxxxx' including slaying many different dragons and it is only the last 2 entries that gain his attention. The first is [God Slayer], where the log states that he has defeated the dragon god Akonkagura. The last message is one of "<<<Automatic Loot>>>" which states that since he has defeated all enemies, all the loot has been dumped into his inventory. He then opens up the map and activates map exploration again after adding 10 skill points to the skill/spell. There were only 10 levels possible and 1 level costs 1 skill. The newly updated map shows a nearby city called Seryuu and he starts walking in that direction.

After about 3 days of walking non-stop, noting that 1 day costs 100 stamina, of which he has 3100 health, mp and stamina, he starts investigating the items in his inventory and sort them by category before taking a look at them. He firsts investigates the money. Nearly all of it happens to be called Ancient Dragon Coin, numbering just over 10 million. He pulls out one of the coins that almost weight as troy ounce and by comparing the weight with the number in his inventory, he determines that he owns about 303t of gold (worth almost $13b). The next were called Furu empire crimson treasures and they have the appearance of a ruby colored metal but still looks like a coin, numbering around 40k. The rest are composed several thousands of individual copper, silver and golden coins of about a dozen different countries each.

He then goes on to check the weapons, he finds many expected fantasy items such as magic swords or holy swords like Excalibur. But is surprised to find items like guns, which aren't compatible with the MMO's he is working on and thereby shouldn't be dreaming about. He looks at wearable items, which list over 300k jewerly type items should as clothes, tiaras, bracelets and even ornamental swords. While taking out a robe to swap out his dirty shirt and jeans. He also finds some magic items that include a magic bag (bigger on the inside) and other useful commodity type items such as a self heating poker to create fires. He then takes a look at the corpses that also have been stored in his inventory. Among them he also finds a large number of gear that the lizards that had attacked him earlier had, although most of it had been broken due to the meteor shower. He attempts to discard it, but decides to leave it in his storage as discarding all of it would mean the creation of a literal mountain of garbage. Afterwards he analyses the corpses of thsoe he slew and manages to find a large amount of dragon scales in his inventory, about the size of A4 piece of paper. He then finds a water bag that creates 30 litres of water per day plus some sky deer jerky, which he subsequently consumes and then goes to sleep using folded cloth in his storage as a pillow and blanket.

The next morning he wakes up and wonders about how a person can sleep in their dreams. He then spends a few more days traveling until he comes to a village. On the way in, he finds a sign board written in fantasy language. But when he tries to decipher it, his log indicates he gains a skill called "Shiga Language". He then puts on a few skill points and then he is able to read the road sign, which merely states the distances to certain locations and their names. He then arrives at the village hoping for some human contact, but his map shows that the village is empty. Upon further inspection, he determines that the village had been invaded by dragons about a year ago and the citizens simply refused to return. He then goes to investigate the concept of skills. He walks over to a farm near the road and pulls out a vegetable and in the process he gains the cultivation and the farming skill. He then pulls out a nearby weed and gains the weeding skill. He then walks into a nearby house and picks up a stick and then pulls a knife and starts to sharpen it, gaining the woodcraft spell. Then he attaches some leather and gains the leather craft skill to make a broom and starts to sweep the floor, but doesn't gain a cleaning skill.

he then continues on towards the city and arrives at dawn the next day. The guard that operates the inspection booth at the main gate asks for money for a visa to stay in the city and asks to be shown his ID. Satou replies that he doesn't have an idea, the guard replies that it isn't an issue and takes him inside. He tells Satou to put his hands on a platform with a octagonal stone in the middle called a yamato stone. He then asks him to state his name and when he does a character profile not much different in style from the one in his exchange column appears except that the details on this one happen to be from what he saw before he used the meteor shower, not the one after as it was now. The guard writes down the details and hands it to Satou in addition to a carved tag after making him pay for the visa and the service.

He then walks into town looking around until a certain young girl with large breasts pulls his arm and drags him towards and inn. The girl (named martha) calls out her mother, saying that they finally have a customer and the landlady comes out. Satou judges her as a woman would pursue if she were 20kg lighter and unmarried and she asks what she can do for him. Satou requests 10 days in a single room along with some food. After the meal he asks for places where he could shop.

He begins his shopping experience by looking for some food and he overhears a women haggling with a fruit merchant and afterwards does the same, gaining the estimation, haggling and overhearing skill. He then goes around looking for more things to buy such as tableware cloth making equipment. Afterwards he heads towards a tailor for some new clothes as he can't continue wearing the damaged ones. But on the way he sees a cart filled with young girls wearing some rather questionable necklaces. His AR determines that these girls are slaves that are going to be sold. One of the girls on the cart with purple hair catches his attention as she is level 10 with unknown skills and has the title of [Ruin Princess], bu he loses interest when the cart moves out of sight. He orders 2 new robes along with both traveling and confort shoes, but one of the robes he buys looks rather gaudy as he had to make up a quick excuse as he had been distracted by the breasts of the shop lady. He then travels to another shop down the street from some pre-made clothes.

Afterwards the sun has already start to set and after dinner he goes outside to have a bath. While using the water pouch to fill the tub, another women staying at the inn comes out aswell and sets up a partitioning screen with a nearby lamp, causing an outline of the naked women to appear on the screen. Satou strains his eyes and gains the spying and poker face skills. While trying to act normal, he uses several different actions to gain the opportunity to continue to glance at the woman.

The next day, Satou travels to a jack of all trades service center and asks the lady attendant for a tour of the city. Although surprised, she gives him one. After giving the basic layout of the city, she shows him a certain cafe halfway through the tour and makes a jealous face. Satou then gets the hint and then offers to pay for a sit-down at the cafe as payment. After drinking some rather expensive tea and eating some just as expensive cookies, Satou notices a certain ruckus outside involving a certain demon and asks her if this is part of the cities attraction as well. She replies by telling him not to be so stupid. Then the demon outside tosses a carriage towards the soldiers fighting the demon but it flies over them straight towards Satou. He then grabs the lady and then kicks up the marble table between them as cover. The carriage doesn't reach them but the lady faints from the shock and Satou rushes outside carrying her and tosses her inside a nearby taxi like coach and gives the coach man a golden coin, telling him to look after her.

Satou then jumps to the roof and pulls out a silver mask and red robe, which were included in the things he bought yesterday and prepares to fight. He then pulls out one of the magic guns and takes aim and fires. But misses by a wide margin. After a few attempts he finally scores a hit and gains the skills, shooting, aiming and sniping. But while Satou maxes those skills, the demon notices Satou and fires a lightning bolt at him, which does only 5 damage and unlocks the skills: lightning magic (demon), lightning resistance and paralysis resistance. He then goes into the shadows to re-organize while the knights take the demon's attention, and fail. While in the shadows, he gains the spy skill and pulls out a spear. He then attacks the demon when he has an opening and gains the spear skill. He does damage, but he gets thrown back by a counter attack of the demons tail, taking only 1 point of damage. He then pulls out a shield and sword. He attacks again but the demon stops him with his claws, which allows Satou to gain the shield and parry skill. He then attacks with both the sword and shield and gains the shield bash and sword skill. The demon then attacks with acid and destroys the weapons while Satou gains and maxes the poison resistance skill. Satou then pulls out a dagger and throws it at him, gaining the dagger and throwing skill. Then the demon counters with petrification magic, causing Satou to gain the petrification resistance skill. Satou then pulls out dual wield hammers and clobbers the head of the demon and gains both dual wield and one handed hammer skill.

Meanwhile the magic soldiers and wizards of the military open fire on the demon along with Satou since they don't know who or what he is and they both suffer minimal damage while Satou gains resistance to fire, ice, water, light and wind. Satou then pulls out a great sword and chops of an arm gains the appropriate skill. Then he pulls out a great hammer and gains the appropriate skill plus the head splitter skill because he aimed for the head. Afterwards he notices that soldiers are pulling out a rather large magical cannon and as such continues to keep the demon occupied until the cannon is loaded. He then jumps out the way and gives the local captain a nod and he fires the cannon. The cannon spews out a large amount of magical buckshot and shreds the demon. However the demon survives and Satou stabs him through the heart while he is laying on the floor and makes his escape afterwards. But in the log it states that he has been awarded the Hero title.

Chapter 2

After the battle is done, he removes his disguise and walks back towards the inn. On the way back he sees a corpse dangling from a tree and does a traditional pray for the deceased. But when the corpse starts calling for help, Satou jumps on the tree. On closer inspection, the corpse is in fact a girl that is still very much alive albeit suffering from multiple fractures. Rather than risking to compounding the fractures by jumping from the tree to the street, Satou decides to jump up to the roof of a nearby house and then move from roof to roof to a temporary relief camp setup nearby while carrying her like a princess. After he drops her off and she says her thanks, he opens up the radar to see what else he could do. He notices a book store that has been severely damaged and has its owners and their family trapped inside. Satou immediately rushes over and starts clearing all the debris and starts ferrying the injured family to the relief station one by one as a way to curry their favor. Afterwards he does the same with several other stores.

The next day, after receiving a book about life magic, he decides to spend the day studying at a nearby cafe. After eating some food and starting to read, he is interrupted by the lady from the jack of all trades. She thanks him and Satou asks about a cane which would help him in the chanting of magic as stated in the book. She shows him to an alchemy store and he asks for some wands. The gnome that mans the store shows him several of which he buys the cheapest 2. He notes that he already has an entire arsenal of wands in is inventory, but their level is simply to high in order to safely practice magic. While he is there, he asks for some simple gear and books about alchemy. And the gnome happily offers up beginner books that explain the basics along with some beginner recipes, however Satou notices that one of the things shown is a fake, to which the gnome admits it was a simple test as he doens't want to give things to simple wannabees and only to those who are willing to work hard. He then shows him 3 magic bestowing stands , which he explains are required to complete the final step of adding magic to the mixtures to create potions. He shows a shoddy one, a worn out one and a fancy one. Satou chooses the Worn out one, having identified the fancy one as a fake and the worn out one as something that is regularly used. The gnome offers it at reduced price which shocks Satou, who immediately guesses that Satou has the appraisal skill, which while commenting that he doesn't gains the skill. The gnome says he's fine with reducing the price for people who are willing to put in the effort for alchemy.

He then goes to collect his clothing and then goes to the bookstore to look for ways to help him with his chanting, since he has continually to fumble in the chanting on the way over. However, the granddaughter of the store says that unless you have a natural gift (or have been given skill gift orbs), chanting usually takes 3-5 years to get it right. While walking around dejected around the city, he is interrupted by the female soldier who he had saved previously. While commenting on the nice dress that she is wearing, they are interrupted by the squad mates of the girl, named Zena. They are rather surprised to see the prudent Zena wearing fancy clothing and a skirt no less, believing that Zena has finally grown up and started to man-hunt. Zena immediately becomes flustered while trying to explain that its merely repaying the favor of her helping him. But the girls simply increase their teasing. But they eventually give it a rest and one of the girls gives her something and Zena blushes. Although its not stated what it is, it was implied that it was contraception.

Satou then takes Zena to a nearby fountain and asks for some help in chanting. Zena also explains that learning to chant is a difficult process and in practical terms it took her her whole life to do, but she does say that reading poetry and picture books out loud in addition to singing is quite a big help. Satou then asks her for a tour of the city and she leads him to the market district and shows him different stalls of food, of which Satou buys them some. A few stops later, they come to a open place where a priest is holding some kind of meeting. He calls out to people in the crowd to purchase holy stones and then toss them to supposed followers of the demon god (3 demi human species) in order to show their faith and not suffer retribution, of which the "starfall" (Satou's meteor shower) is interpreted as. While Zena intervenes in the public spectacle, Satou opens up the map and identifies the owner of the slaves as the one who is selling holy stones. He checks the salesman and finds that he is part of a criminal guild whose members are stoking the crowd. So he marks them all on his map and starts knocking them out with neck-chops and gaining and utilizing the abduction skill and then tossing them into alleyways. After the rest are all dealt with, he grabs the salesman and then tosses him in front of the crowd. He reveals the spectacle as nothing but a scam and adds on a false charge (along with gaining that skill) that he was trying to cause a rebellion, causing the citizens to turn on the salesman. But before they can grab him. The chopped of hand from the demon the day before bursts out of the salesman and states that he is grateful for the actions of the crowd that in turn have caused the entire area to be baptized in evil energy that he can use. While another priest tries to fight the demon hand, Satou tells Zena to hurry and gather reinforcements, which she does. Meanwhile Satou goes over to the 3 slaves and tries to free them from the stake that holds their chain. But the slaves stop him, saying that they were ordered to stay there no matter what and if they leave, the collars will tighten and kill them. Satou then looks at the AR and sees that they have no master, now that the demon hand has killed him. Satou pulls out the stake, but when Zena's reinforcements arrive, the demon hand has finished his spell and Satou along with a large number of those present get teleported away.

Satou lands in an underground room with the 3 beast girls and then he hears the sound of the demon arm, saying that he has created this place for his master but in the interest of fairness and the desire to create more dark energies, every person that has been put down here has a path that leads outwards and satou activats the map exploration, confirming that they are near the bottom of the dungeon. Then Satou takes a look at the 3 demi human girls, they are a dog kin (dog ears and tail), a cat kin (cat ears and long cat tail) and a lizard kin (large lizard tail that almost touches the ground and scales on the forearms and shins) named Dog, Cat and Lizard respectively. Satou asks if they are actually their names and Lizard replies yes. Lizard then asks if Satou would provide names for them that would be easier to use. Satou bestows the names Pochi, Tama and Liza respectively. Satou then hands out clean cloth and food to the trio and then goes to take a look at the passage leading out, but the trio quickly stop him and beg to take them along, even if they are only used as meat shields. But Satou assures them that he is only trying to look ahead and that they should focus on eating and cleaning themselves.

Some time later, Satou and the trio are moving through the dungeon. Satou gives Liza a dagger for defense as she is level 3 and the only one with a skill of the three, a spear skill. Satou then hears some weird sounds. Satou tells the three to stay behind while he goes to check it out. He spots a giant insect munching on a dead human while wondering what to do, Liza interrupts his thought and says that they should just sneak by while the insect is preoccupied. While lamenting his own incompetence, Satou pulls out a magic gun and starts firing on the lizard, killing it. While telling the girls to stay silent, he takes a look at one of the legs of the insect and then cuts it off, gaining the demonology skill. He then uses the already gained skill to fit together pieces of insect, leather, wood and a knife to make a spear, using the newly demonology skill to understand the nature of the insect and using its natural body chemistry as something that naturally binds the components together. Then Satou raises all the relevant skills to the max and then begins the process anew, creating a high quality improvised spear for liza. Meanwhile liza cutting the insect. While Satou mentions that the insect probably wouldn't be any good to eat. Liza states that she is trying to get the monster core. Liza then explains to the confused Satou that all monsters have a monster core that can be used in the making of magic tools and that they sell pretty well, so Satou as a merchant would find good use for them. Satou then hands of the new spear to Liza while she hands over the dagger to Tama.

After leaving the room, Satou notices that none of the girls have gained any experience so far, so he aims to do something about that. He tells liza to stay at the back and make sure they aren't attacked from behind and he tells Pochi to be on the lookout and for Tama to collect throw able stones. Pochi uses her nose and notices a bug hiding on the ceiling, Satou then shoots it down from the ceiling and orders Tama to throw a few stones and after a few more shots, orders liza to take stab at the insect and then Satou finishes it off. He then notices that all the girls have their exp counter go up (which he can see from the AR). He then tells Liza to teach Tama how to collect magic cores and for tama to hand her stones to Pochi while they go on ahead. Satou notices in the AR that there is another bug up ahead and order Pochi that once he gives the signal she is to throw a few stones at it while running and then go run back to Liza and Tama. After doing so, Pochi runs the wrong way and after killing it Satou rushes out to stop her. Satou tells Pochi that running is fine but panicking is not allowed.

Afterwards Liza and Tama have collected both magic cores and put them inside Satou's magic bag. Afterwards, Tama spots something weird on the ground. Which Satou identifies as a trap, he tells Pochi to throw a stone on the other end of the hall. When she does, a group of rats run towards them and activate the trap in the process. Giving Satou the trap dismantling skill which he then utilizes. They the come to a fork in the road which satou detects as having the same amount of monsters and both reconverge after a certain distance. But he spots that one of the paths has a room in the middle and so he moves in that direction to check it out. In the room was a house that was pulled into the dungeon by the teleportation spell. Satou and the trio look inside and find several stashes of magic tools, potions, money and a macthing pair of swords and shields, which are given to Pochi and Tama. He then leaves the trio to deal with a large and weak frog. Liza then asks to cook the frog as the meat of its legs are quite tasty. After she is done cooking, she accidentally spills Satou's bottle of infinite water and begs to be scolded. But Satou says its alright and then notices on the AR that the girls are all exhausted so he orders them to take a nap after they are all done eating. After the girls go to sleep with Satou on guard duty, he notices that the girls are all growing nicely.

After clearing 80% of the dungeon. The girls are all level 13 and Pochi has gained the throwing, one handed sword, dismantling and enemy search skills while Tama has gained the one handed sword, collecting and dismantling skills and Liza has gained the thrusting, cooking and dismantling skills. They then come towards a room that has been turned into a spiders nest, with some of the victims still alive. Before they can free them, the spider returns to its nest and the group prepares an ambush. Satou draws its attention while Pochi and Tama attack the legs and Liza stabs it right in the head, but it still keeps moving, so Satou finishes it off with his magic gun. While Tama goes to loot the corpses, Satou frees a noble viscount, who then frees his daughter, Liza frees a slave trader and Pochi tries to free a citizen, but he starts to act racist towards her and she gets scared. Pochi steps back in fear and while Satou frees him, the viscount threatens that he he makes a disturbance, he will kill him. When they near the exit, they are attacked by skeletons and the racist is injured. But Satou isn't one to just let people die so he gives him one of the magic potions he found in the house. The group then comes up to a room and Satou sends Liza and Pochi ahead to scout, while already knowing so that he can think about a way to deal with whats ahead.

Liza and Pochi report that there are a lot of skeletons and a large flying bat like creature are in the room up ahead. But Satou knows that the bat is infact a demon and that most of the skeletons are level 15 except for 2 who are level 35. While the viscount believes it to be nonsense, Satou rebukes that the dungeon was made by demons and so there would be a large force near the exit. Satou then proposes a strategy to use thrown stones towards the skeletons to lure them here and then the viscount would use his fire magic to set the corridor alight so that the skeletons would reach them heavily damaged and would be easily dealt with by the beast girls. The viscount agrees and executes the strategy, while the rest are occupied with the small fires, Satou pulls out a few copper coins from his wallet and flicks them in secret to completely obliterate the demon and the 2 strong skeletons. After its all over, the girls start to sense the outside world, but before they reach it, a level 40 undead breaks through a secret wall and leaps towards Pochi. Satou manages to dive her away but before the undead reaches Satou, a wind spell courtesy of Zena who had rushed into the dungeon drives it away, then a priest from another group which just joined behind them activates anti-undead magic and the undead crumbles away. The scene ends with Zena happily crying into Satou's chest

Chapter 3

When they reach the surface, they exit a cave entrance in the middle of the plaza from which they were teleported from, surrounded by a palisade and 3 cannon batteries. Everyone but the viscount and her daughter are lead into a quarantine shelter and are not allowed to leave. They reveal that everyone is required to have their status's checked by a real yamato stone unlike the imitation at the main gate in order to make sure they aren't possessed by something. While all those present are in awe of the 3 beastkin girls who are now at the level of average knights, Satou was quick to forget that his public status is still level 1 and he manages to fake a status just in time. Level 10 with the skill, arithmetic, throwing and evasion. Afterwards he gets in touch with one of the officials inregards to the trio of slaves, since they aren't his slaves but their master is dead so he would like to know what is going to happen to them. The official reveals that slaves are simple property in the eyes of the law, so finders keepers. She then issues a temporary slave certificate in the name of Satou and instructs him to find a genuine slave merchant in order to forge a permanent contract. Afterwards she asks about the loot, she declares that the law of Seryuu city is now that all the cores that were found in the dungeon (formally called a labyrinth) are to be sold to the government and that since the spear was made from the parts of a monster, it will be confiscated, to which Liza freezes. Satou in turn asks if it is possible for an official appraiser to check if there was nothing wrong with the spear so they could keep it, of course he would be willing to pay for it. The official agrees and says that he can come to collect everything tomorrow afternoon.

Afterwards, Satou leaves with the girls to greet Zena and her friends. While praising the girls, he says that he is going to put the girls up in an inn. But Zena rebukes, saying that the racism here is so bad that there isn't an inn that allows for beast-kins to stay. While Liza is quick to add that she is happy being in a barn or something while Satou frowns at the abuse. Satou then takes the girls into town, where he is approached by a life magician which offers magical baths and drying for those who have been in the dungeon. Satou accepts the offer and hires her to wash and dry the 4 of them on the spot with magic and then takes out the girls for some meat skewers. After finishing the meal, he looks outside and notices a slave market. Remembering that the ownership is only temporary, he goes to find a slave merchant. He is approached by the slave merchant that he had saved in the dungeon and he goes with him to set the contracts, the merchant does it for free as a reward for saving him. The contracts themselves aren't just documents but also magical spells that bind the master and the slave, but include the basic 3 rules of robots (they aren't allowed to hurt their master, they must always obey their orders and must always take care of themselves) and inflicts punishment if any of those are borken. Afterwards he wishes to show his catalog of slaves to further show his gratitude. Satou does not want to but he continues to indulge him. Satou uses this opportunity to curate his appraisal skill and as such he turns off the AR.

The first lineup does have some beauties by Satou's own admission, but none of them have practical skills and as such refuses to buy them. On the next lineup, he sees a girl he deems a very beautiful japanese and the pink-haired girl he saw earlier, he re-checks her skill column but it shows "none" despite her level 10. So Satou refuses the the line again, but the slave merchant mentions that all the slaves that don't sell will be sold to the government as laborers for their coal mines. So all the girls except the aforementioned start loosing their outfits and take certain poses but Satou has none of it. But then the pink haired girl starts begging to be bought and Satou suddenly finds the need to buy her. When he does, she also asks him to buy her sister, the one he found so beautiful. When it came time for the contract, the pink haired girl introduces herself as Arisa and the other one is Lulu. During the contract ceremony Lulu promises that although she may be ugly, she will work like a horse and Arisa promises to attend to her master day and night.

After getting some more food for the girls. They go to the inn. Satou arranges for the beast girls to sleep in the barn, while using some cloth to make a makeshift bed out of packed straw, he also arranges for the other 2 to sleep in the same room as him. When he starts putting on his Pajamas, the other 2 girls quickly get naked and are expecting to service their master. But Satou has none of it and tells the 2 to just get to bed. But in the middle of the night, he is woken up by Arisa who is straddling him while naked. She then crouches down and kisses him. Satou then feels himself reaching out towards the naked little girl, but then checks the log and finds out what is really going on. He quickly activates and maxes the mind magic resist skill and orders Arisa to cease all mind magic on him now and forever. When Satou asks her why she did that, she answers that because she wanted to have fun in bed. But Satou doesn't believe her and then activates the interrogation skill and asks her again. She says that she told the truth, she wants to enjoy the body and service of a young boy and Satou believes her. She then introduces herself as Tachibana Arisa, a person from Japan just like him.

While he is shocked, she asks him if he was a summoned person or a reincarnated person. She quickly notes his japanese appearance and asks him if he was summoned in a circle, of if he had appeared while having a really high level, but he denies both. He then asks how and what she did. She says that with the power of her 2 unique skills, she managed to influence him with her mind magic, but due to Satou's high level (of which she doesn't know the exact detail) she was forced to use her entire reserve of unique skill charges for both the purchasing of her and her sister at the auction and what transpired just now. Satou enquires about the unique skills and she says that they were given to her by god when she was reincarnated. Apart from the ones that are given to other reincarnated person, hide skill, status check, which allows her to check the stats of others, self status, which she explains allows her to level up look at their status like Satou does and item box, which allows her to store 100 units of 100 items, acts the same way but much inferior to the storage skill of heroes. Satou then asks about the 2 unique ones and Arisa explains that the first is called {Over Boost} which increases the power of her spells in exchange for more MP and stamina and {Never Give Up] Which give her a 10% chance to ignore resistances. Satou also mentions that he noticed that she cast that magic without chanting. Arisa reveals that it is a hidden feature of self status, where if they read the last line of the spells listed of what they have cast will automatically cast the spell. She then comments that he is the second japanese person she has met, the first was the hero of the saga empire. She then asks about how the beast girls got so strong, Satou then states that they got in the labyrinth beneath them yesterday and Arisa panics, but Satou quickly settles her down. Satou then asks about Lulu. Arisa says that Lulu is her elder half sister and that her great grandfather was japanese. Then Satou asks her one final question which is she is allowed to refuse to awnswer, he asks how they became slaves. Arisa answers that when she was reincarnated, she tried to use her knowledge from her former world to improve this one with technologies such as fertilizer. Everything was improving but eventually the country of which she was a princess was hit with "divine punishment" and everything fell into ruin. A nearby country saw this as an oppotunity and invaded. Afterwards, the king, crown prince and all the concubines were all publicly executed. Then the royalty that remained was cursed with a special branch of mind magic called [Geass] and they were all ordered to live as slaves until they died. They were all locked up into a tower and every full moon, one of their sibling was taken away to the bottom dungeon in order to try and re-awaken the labyrinth that was there, as labyrinths are seen more as mine-able resources rather than threats. When only she and Lulu were left, something happened and the entire castle was set ablaze, she had used her status check on showed that their master had died and so were able to flee. After spending a few days on the road, they ran into the merchant that Satou had saved. Satou then asks her if she could have just used the mind magic on him, but she said she realized that too late. Arisa then asks if they can level up in the labyrinth is Selbira city and Satou agrees and they simply go to sleep.

While she goes to sleep, Satou re-dons the disguise he used during the initial labyrinth attack and dives back into the labyrinth. He then goes around running to find the demon's regeneration room, because its original goal for building the labyrinth was to regenerate and it had the power to live on while still being an arm, then it has a good chance of still being alive. Satou eventually finds a door with 3 pictures on it, the first is a man planting a seed, the second is a man standing upright to pick a fruit from a tree and the third being a man pulling out a tree stump. He first tries breaking through with a sledgehammer but it doesn't work. While Satou likens it to the riddle of the sphinx, the answer seemed to be correct as with that thought he gained the de-riddle skill. He goes around the nearby rooms to collect the statues of a baby, a man and an elder. When all 3 statues are put in front of the door, the door opens and Satou passes through. Eventually he comes into an empty room at the end of the hallway and finds a treasure chest. But when he opens it, the demon, fully regenerated jumps out of it. While first happy with the trap it had setup, after he sees who awakened him, he is immediately dejected and Satou cuts him up with a single slash of a holy sword and then walks back to the inn and gets to bed.


  1. The first is about Zena after she left Satou in the plaza. She quickly rushes to the guard post where she is stationed while wondering if Satou is going to be alright. Although she trusts Satou, she's still worried about her and she continually increases her speed, agility and her parkour performances as her fear for him increases

Chapter 4

The next morning the peace is broken by Martha, who opes the door unannounced to bring in Zena. But they are both quick to notice the naked Arisa in his bed and Lulu, who has some blood between her legs and is sleep-talking the words "not so rough". Zena immediately takes this the wrong way and quickly leaves the room angry. While Arisa asks for a cloth for Lulu who had a period, she tells him to run after her to clear away the misunderstanding. He quickly changes cloths with a quickdress skill and jumps out the window to land in front of Zena and quickly takes her hands. He then uses several skills to persuade Zena that he had no intention of sleeping with young girls and manages to take her mind of it by complementing her dress. After the matter is settled, he gets zena to wait for him in the inn while he gets the girls out of bed. After flicking the forehead of Arisa, he gets the rest to wake up and order Arisa to take the girls shopping for necessities among other things.

While Satou and Zena go on another date through the city, Arisa leads the girls on a shopping trip with the exception of Lulu, who stays behind sick, she asks what the beasts girls are in need off, Liza responds that they have all they need. Arisa then simply rolls up the skirt of Pochi and notices that they don't even have underwear. So after Arisa buys several sets of underwear for everyone, she notices that there are no bra's on offer, so she resolves herself to make them herself as she has previous experience with in sowing. Afterwards she leads them to get both some nice interior clothes and some sturdy clothes for the outside, Liza objects to the nice clothes, but Pochi and Tama are quickly taken by the frills and both quickly get a dress in addition to work clothes. Then they go and get shoes, but Liza objects again, saying that the sandals they have is luxurious enough. But Arisa sternly objects, saying that even heroes can die from being stung through the bottom of their feet by insects, so they will need proper shoes and Liza yields as Arisa is the same race as Satou so they she should know better about his wishes. But unfortunately no shoe parlour allows demi-humans. After wards they spend a bit more on food provisions and with the remaining money try to get the remaining miscellaneous items requested by everyone. But are incapable of getting the silver mirror Arisa asks for.

The girls then run into Satou on the way back from a snack break and they all go back to the inn together. On the way, Satou spots a little girl that acts as a helper in the inn and Satou decides to carry all the heavy firewood that she is carrying. Once they get back, Satou tells Arisa that he wants to have a talk with her and Liza. He asks Liza's opinion on the matter of Selbira, but she says that she will go where ever her master goes. Satou then asks her to put in her personal imput and she says she also wants to go to Selbira and Satou considers the matter settled. She tells the girls that they are going out again, but Martha informs them of a flea market that has appeared in the place where the slave market was. They all go there and the girls go buy preservable food and salt, Satou notices several peddlers with interesting items, but walks past them as they are of no use. He then runs into a person selling paper with scribbles on them and buys them as writing practice tools for the other girls. He is then asked by another merchant to take a look at his product if he wants to teach writing. He shows him learning cards, where they have images on one side and the appropriate word on the other. Satou kinda likes the idea and decides to buy the set. Then he runs into a peddler playing with a spinning top that is powered by mana alone. Satou asks if he can test it and he pours in some of his mana which in turn allows to spin for 10 minutes. After getting arisa to put in some of her own, the top also spins and Satou decides to buy the top. Afterwards, the radar function of his {AR} tells him that a enemy is rushing towards him from behind. Satou quickly jumps but the man quickly takes a dive and yells out that Satou has just broken his presious urn, but Satou quickly leaves but the man runs after him but Satou knocks him out. Afterwards he is approached by a merchant about the sale of dragon white stone, he says that he can earn quite a bit of money with this, but appraisal indicates that it is only worth 1 copper. He quickly asks the gnome running the alchemy store nearby about it and he identifies the white substance as rock salt and then quickly nabs the weasel kin merchant and drags him off.

Satou then goes back to the jack of all trades store and asks where he could find a carriage to drive around. She says for that he would have to go to the taxi-carriage station at the main gate. He also mentions that he is going to use it to travel the world and that it would be kinda nice to meet and elf. The girl then goes and asks the manager to come in. She then pulls his hair back to show a triangular ear. While Satou is confused, the girl is disappointed at the lack of surprise that the manager is an elf. But Satou then rebukes, saying that elves are supposed to have long ears. This has seemingly set off the manager in an angry mood, but the girl is quick to calm him down, saying that he wouldn't know. The girl replies that the long ears he is asking about is actually a sub species of human, not elf and elves hate being compared to them. Satou apologizes to the manager and he simply replies with "forgiven". He goes to the taxi station to ask, however one of the attendants says that carriages are usually the prerogative of the merchant guild. However he is in luck as one of their senior coachman is retiring and is looking to sell his carriage. Satou manages to make contact and he offers to buy the carriage and explains that he is looking for someone to teach him and the coachman accepts. Before they get to training, Satou also buys some supplies that would actually make him look like a merchant, as he usually carries everything in his storage. During the training, he immediately gains the marshaling skill, but desides to slowly increase it over the course of the day so it actually looks like training. In the evening, he comes back with the carriage and parks it in the barn, but promises to let the coach man show him some brothels.

At night, Satou comes to Arisa with some worries, he explains that he has done something terrible but without revealing what (genocide of the dragon race at dragon valley) but its not that doing the act that worries him, its that he doesn't feel guilty. Arisa explains that it is likely due to the MND stat. She explains that as vitality increases the durability of the body, the MND stat does the same for the mind, so barely anything will affect him. Then he asks about the INT stat. He asks that although he has a high stat, he does have a tendency to forget. Arisa replies that that is obvious, if INT increases IQ equally with memory, then there wouldn't be any careless scholars. He then asks about skills. Arisa replies that skills are earned through experiencing new things, not neccesarily battle with monsters. She reveals that she gained her levels through studying and that people gain 2-12 skill points per level, averaging at 7. She then reveals that each skill has 10 levels and the the difference between the effect of each level and the skill points required to get them are not linear. With level 1 being noob level and level 10 being god like. He then asks about demon lords. Arisa explains that every 66 years, 1 or more demon lords get summoned to cause terror on the the planet, so a few years prior, the saga empire summons a hero from Japan to face these demon lords. She also says that these heroes are summoned with high levels, unique skills and holy weapons to fight the demon lords. Satou then asks when the demon lords will arrive, she said that the last one was killed 62 years ago and that there is always some veriation in when the demon lords are summoned, so the next one is soon to arrive. However, she says demon lords almost always appear inside labyrinths. Satou then asks if Seryuu city is in danger now that there is a labyrinth here. Arisa replies that that would never happen, they are right next door to dragon valley. He asks why that matters and she replies that Dragons were the ancient enemies of demon lords. Satou then asks what the point is of heroes. Arisa replies that dragons have a reliable track record of defeating them, however, they always leave mass destruction in their wake, so they always send in heroes to try first.

Afterwards, Satou leaves Arisa and continues investigating his menu. He finds that things stored in his storage are also frozen in time compared to things stored in item box. He then comes to find a clock in his menu skill, but finds that the days on this world are longer but the years are shorter and that the clock itself runs on earth time rather than this worlds time.

He then decides to start practicing his alchemy skill. He pours open the beginners book and pulls out the materials and gears requested by the first chapter. He follows the book and creates an anti-cold mixture, which the AR indicates as the lowest quality along with Satou's name as the creator and list an effect of -3 by the appraisal skill. He then gains the compounding skill and flips the book open to the next chapter, there he is to put the mixture on the magic bestowing stand and add in a few more reagents and then pour in magic power to set the mixture. He completes it and the AR indicates that it has turned into a anti-cold potion, but it has a -4 to effect and it is listed as the lowest quality and gets the alchemy skill. He then notices that there is another tab available on menu and sees that is regards to the creation of items. It lists not just the recipe for the potions he has made but also the improvised weapons he has made so far including Liza's spear. He then repeats the same process with both the compounding and alchemy skill set to max and he creates another potion but the AR labels it as a highest quality product and has an effect of +5. He then continues to create other potions, but eventually he notices the gaze of Arisa and Martha from the door and scolds them both.

The next day, they prepare for departure, but Lulu is still sick so it is postponed. Satou asks the girls if there are other things that the girls want and they each have a request of their own and Satou gives Arisa the money while he goes off with the coachman. They arrive at what appears to be an upper class brothel. The female manager showcases a few girls for them and Satou chooses the last girl, having used AR to determine that the rest are a bit to young or are carrying STD's. She then brings him to a room and takes of her clothes and lets Satou play with her breasts before they do the deed. Halfway through the night, the woman faints from exhaustion and Satou notes it can't be helped due to his high level and after he gains a few skills that he would prefer to keep off out of fairness, he falls asleep on the woman's breasts.The next morning he returns. Arisa quickly runs out of the inn but when she notices the gloss on his face, she starts getting angry and starts stomping the ground, having missed the opportunity to take the virginity of a young boy. But Satou replies that he wasn't a virgin when he got to this world.

Satou then instructs the girls to say their goodbyes to everyone they know as they will be departing early next morning. Satou then goes to collect the materials he has bought from the merchant guild and then returns to the inn with the carriage where lulu and Pochi are staying behind. While Pochi goes to take care of the horses, Satou goes to the local magic shop to buy magic books. The store owner objects stating that she will only sell books to those capable and she asks Satou to touch an MP appraisal tool. Fearing destroying it and revealing his true power, Satou tries to back out and the store owner tells him to just get out. But as he leaves, he overhears the store owner muttering to herself on how she is going to get some dragon powder. Satou remembers that he managed to get some dragon powder from the house in the dungeon and offers the lady some in exchange for magic books. The woman allows it, but he can only offer him beginner class magic books in all the elements she has, as intermediate and up are all restricted by law.

On the way back, one of the girls that was teasing Zena about her relationship with Satou spots the guy. While imitating Zena she approaches Satou. But he sees right through it and talks to her normally. He asks if he can talk to Zena, but she replies that she is on duty till midnight. He asks if she can relay a message that he is leaving at dawn tomorrow. She says she will deliver and the two part. But the girl is dejected that Satou didn't really love her at all. The next morning the group leaves as scheduled but as they exit the main gate they are chased by Zena on a horse. She says her own goodbyes and asks Satou if he could send her a letter once he reaches Selbira and Satou says he will. However, she immediately rejects his words and demands a pinky swear, which Satou lives up to.


  1. The first is about Earl Seryuu and his consul discussing the matters that have transpired a few days ago and their consequences. The earl asks about the oracles that were done to check upon the dangers of the labyrinth, but the consul replied that there isn't any problem. The earl then states his worry about the entrance being in the middle of the city and asks if the entrance can be sealed. The consul replies that that is a very bad idea. A long time ago, a king from a distant country had already tried that, but even with the entrance sealed, more monsters were continually created and eventually they were able to overpower the barrier and destroy the country, so sealing it wouldn't be a long term solution. The earl then proposes to send an expedition unit to selbira city to learn how they safely and effectively mine the labyrinth and see how it can be applied here and asks for 2 units of military personal, 1 unit of merchants and 1 unit of those having street smarts to be deployed to Selbira and the consul agrees to organize. The earl then asks about the hero behind the mask. The consul produces a short list but each candidate isn't likely to be the one behind it. The first is the territories strongest knight, but if it was him he would have boasted about it by now, the second is a famous explorer but he is more interested in dragons and the third only has body reinforcement magic so it couldn't be him. The earl asks if there is any more and the consul produces 4 more. The first is the bastard child of the previous earl (the current earl's father) but he is evil and lazy, so it couldn't be him. The second is the gnome achemist, it is entirely possible that he made some sort of super potion to boost his power in addition to the known silver mask in his home. The earl finds the mask suspicious but the consul states that the silver masks are used during the harvest festivals and aren't that rare and he states that the reason why he was kicked from the list was because such super potions would have a large enough side effect to kill the gnome. The third was the strongest guy from the guild that Satou dealt with to save the slaves. He says that there is an hypothesis that the 2 demon incidents are actually separate, that the demon that appeared later got here a lot earlier than the other demon and simply appeared to protect his territory/investment, The earl finds this suspicious and orders all the guild members to be arrested. And the final candidate is Satou, although he was only level 10 when checked with the genuine yamato stone, he had asked for a tour of the city, something very weird for this city. The consul also notes that he saved his viceroy. The earl imagines giving Satou knighthood and ponders about Satou as him being the silver mask would be a good story, but he quickly gets it out of his head.
  2. The next one is about the daily life of Yuni. She wakes up early in the morning at the local orphanage and runs towards the inn for her work. She wakes up the inn lady and begins drawing well from the water. However halfway through, she is interrupted by Pochi and Tama who had just woken up from her actions. While she immediately gets scared as the ones before her are genuine beast kin slaves, the bucket falls to the bottom of the well. Pochi however, goes around Yuni and pulls the bucket up. Then after Yuni collects it, Tama tries to. As a reward for helping with their work and feeling bad about being presumptuous about them, she decided to share her lunch with them. However when she comes to the barn, she finds them eating meat and cheese and they are the ones who share their food with her. Afterwards she goes to take care of the horses and Pochi, Tama and even Liza help her, to Yuni's surprise. Afterwards she gets asked to collect firewood by martha, but on the way back, Satou snatches the wood she is carrying and carries it for her. When they get back, Pochi and Tama ask her to play the learning cards game with them. A sort of memory, where all the learning cards purchased earlier are placed letters up on the floor and everyone takes a turn guessing the picture beneath them. But then the inn lady comes out and scolds Yuni for not doing her chores. But Yuni replies that she has already done them and points to Pochi and Tama. However, the next day Pochi and Tama inform her that they will be leaving and give her the learning cards as a gift and promise to write her a letter when they reach Selbira. Yuni promises that she will write them back as she has a secret stash of 2 copper coins that should be enough to send a letter. Afterwards she teaches the learning card game to the ones living at the orphanage.

Chapter 5

The girls are then travelling on the road with Pochi and Tama being hyperactive and touching just about everything including Arisa. While Arisa complains about the treatment that she is receiving from everyone, Satou laughs it off and decides to swap driving seats with Liza to go and have a talk with Lulu. Lulu initially has trouble speaking because of her shyness, but Satou manages to get her talking by using Arisa as a topic. Eventually they decide to have lunch near a heap of boulders and he asks Liza to prepare some food while he allows Pochi and Tama to stretch their legs. After Liza is done cooking, Pochi and Tama come back with the prey they hunted. Pochi brings a bunny she caught while Tama appears to have caught a rat kin. Satou orders Tama to let the rat kin go and she throws it back towards the meadow, causing her to get scolded. Afterwards they eat and then make preparations to travel again, Satou notices an army of flying ants chasing after a group of rat-kin on radar.

When they are back on the road again, Liza and Lulu ask to be taught how to drive the carriage while Arisa is humilitating Pochi and Tama in the learning cards game. Eventually Lulu spots a dark cloud over the horizon and Satou instructs everyone to get ready for battle. When everyone is prepared, Satou spots a group of rat-kin riding large boars away from a large swarm of flying ants. Some of the ants divert towards Satou and co.. Satou orders the beast kin trio to defend the wagon with their weapons while Arisa slows them down with her mind magic. The tactic works for the first wave but when the second wave approaches, he gives crossbows to Pochi, Tama and Lulu to shoot them down from afar. Afterwards, Satou checks the radar and sees that all but 3 of the rat-kin have been killed and are coming this way, along with the rest of the ants.

While one of the rat kin leaves the other 2 behind, he rides his boar along side Satou. The rat-kin asks for help in several different languages and Satou replies in elvish thanks to the newly learned skill. The rat-kin replies that he is grateful to have run into someone who knows elvish and then tosses a package into the carriage, telling Satou to take good care of the princess. Afterwards he returns to his comrades to fight of the ants, but is slain. The rest of the ants are coming towards the carriage. But Arisa asks for permission to use the overboost unique skill, which she is granted and she subsequently defeats two thirds of all the flying ants. But she uses up all her stamina and MP in the process and collapses. After the rest of the group manages to defeat the last of the ants. Satou then parks the carriage and while the beast kin girls go collect some magic cores among with some other usable loot, Lulu makes some tea and Satou unloads both Arisa and the princess.

When the trio come back, Lulu tells Satou, who has been passing the time by making some more potions, that Arisa has awoken and subsequently foils her plan to make Satou feed her medicine mouth to mouth. Afterwards, he removes the package from the princess to reveal not a rat-kin but an elven girl by the name of Misanalia, to the disappointment of Arisa who had put in the effort of making a cheese platter. After she wakes up, she immediately gets scared of her new surroundings. Satou manages to calm her down by saying that the ants have all been dealt with. But she instead asks for Mize, the rat that was transporting her. But Satou has to inform her of their passing and she begins crying. After feeding her dinner, Satou goes to clean up the road of corpses since leaving so much waste behind would cause trouble, so he puts them in storage while being accompanied by Pochi and Tama. Afterwards he spots a gargolye on the map and tells Pochi and Tama to take cover after asking them to collect some stones for them. When the gargoyle flies overhead, Satou destroys it with the throwing stones and Pochi and Tama go sing some weird core collecting song while they go over to the corpse of the gargoyle.

Afterwards, Satou splits the group up for night watch duty and Satou decides to feign sleep so that he could keep an eye on the radar. After the first shift, he sees a shadow stalker appear on radar and he prepares for a fight. While been the only one on watch, Mia wakes up and notices that she only speaks with a few words per sentence and she saks Satou why he is protecting her but satou replies that there isn't much to it. Mia then replies that it is dangerous and that even Mize and the others died. But Satou asks her about Mize. She replies that he was once saved by Mia's parents from a goblin attack and stayed with them for a few years until returning to the rat kin village. Then Mia explains that she was abducted from the elven village by a wizard and forced to become the master of a maze. Then Mize managed to come across Mia by accident and rescued her from the maze and hid her in the village, but the village was destroyed in the oncoming pursuit and Satou knows what happened after.

After the conversation, he gets Pochi to wake everyone up and tells them that enemies are on the way. When Arisa wakes up, she notices Mia clinging to his arm and she starts an argument about her "relationship" with Satou. After the girls notice that they have been surrounded by owls, a mage teleports in in front of them. Satou identifies the man as Zen, a level 41 with unknown skills. Zen tells Mia that he has come to pick her up but Mia refuses. Satou puts himself in between the 2 and ifdentifies himself. Zen says that he has no business with a merchant and Arisa warns him that Zen is to powerful to mess with. Zen in the mean time chants shadow magic and coils up Satou in a shadow whip. After gaining the shadow magic and resist skill, Satou frees himself and opens fire on the whips with magic guns. Satou asks him why he wants Mia in the first place, but he replies that it doesn't matter to him and that if he wants to free him, he is going to need a hero. While they were talking, Zen coils up all the girls and drags Mia into a shadow portal. Satou tells Arisa to get back to the city when morning comes and then dives into the portal.

Satou then finds himself in a void, that the AR indicates as shadow prison and indicates that the place is an area that doesn't have a map. Satou makes his frustration heard and with that, the shadow prison shatters, to the surprise of Zen. Satou lands in the middle of a throne room and sees Mia sitting on a throne an sees a big breasted women with the same face as her taking care of her, with the AR indicating that she is an homunculus. Zen then tells him that one must earn the right to be in this room and he teleports Satou to the bottom of a well. Satou manages to climb out of it and uses his map to find his way around. He finds a hidden room filled with books and materials. He takes a look around and finds that the room belongs to an elf called Trazayuya. In the books its written that he build the maze to imitate a labyrinth for the sake of training elves in the art of self-defense as elves tend to have a weak opinion on life itself and thereby aren't ones to protect themselves. After collecting what he needs, he climbs back to the surface to find a barren wasteland.

He spots the maze in question off in the distance but before he reaches it, he is called to the side of a fox onee-san. But Satou asks her to skip the illusions, having already checked her on the AR and knowing that she actually is a dryad. The dryad removes the illusion to reveal her true form as a green small girl. She asks him for some of his mana and Satou agrees as long as it doesn't cause any permanent damage and the dryad responds by kissing him on the lips and sucking out 300 MP. He then breaksthrough the entrance and looks at the map, he sees that maze is 20 floors tall with multiple levels on each floor. He makes his way up and to the halfway mark to find a giant golem and a women similar to the one he saw in the throne room. She congratulates Satou to making it this far and promises a reward if she can pass the next challenge. She then orders the golem after Satou, who eliminates it with one shot by erasing the E in the word EMETH on its forehead. Satou then asks about the reward but the lady isn't sure, since she never expected Satou to get this far and Satou just knocks her out.

He then races up back up to the throne room to find Zen waiting for him, surprised at the short time it took Satou to get back. He then states that the power of a hero lies in between the edges of life or death and that he will have to overcome a great trial to make it. He calls out 3 more iron golems and 6 more big breasted ladies and sets them on Satou, but before the battle begins, he casts a spell and removes the limits of the women, causing them to slowly start to transform into demonic creatures. While dodging all their attacks, he manages to destroy the 3 golems but isn't capable of incapacitating the demonic ladies and they die due to having their limits removed. Satou then moves forward towards Zen. He then gives his greetings to the Hero but Satou asks why he needs a hero. Zen then explains that he was born into this world over 1000 years ago after reincarnating from Japan. He says that he had a nice family and a beautiful wife, but a jealous noble imprisoned him on false charges, raped his wife and kill the rest of his family. He managed to raise his family from the dead and get his revenge, but after it was done, he put his family to rest but the power he was bestowed from god prevented him from joining them, so he sought out to create a hero. He then gave a holy sword named Gjallarhorn to Satou and asked him to kill him with it. Satou obliges and cuts him down. Afterwards, a talking purple orb flies out of the corpse, Satou tries to cut that as well but sword fails to cut it and it flies towards the sky.

After Zen's death, the maze begins its self destruct sequence and Satou rushes towards Mia. Mia wakes up and begins looking around the room in fear but Satou assures her that he has been dealt with. Satou then tries to get Mia to operate the controls but she fails to stop it. Satou then picks up Mia and rushes down the floors. On the way down, he remembers that one of the servants of Zen is still at the halfway point and he decides to pick her up as well. He reaches her by jumping towards the central pillar in between the pillars and with an unconscious Mia on 1 shoulder, he pulls out a sword from storage and stabs it into the pillar and it carries him down to the halfway mark. After having only 30% of the maze left after some parkour, some boulders land near Mia, causing her to take damage. The control system of the Maze that is still in effect notices this and sends out a system message saying that the injured elf will be teleported and Satou takes himself and the homunculus along with.

Satou lands on the outside of the maze and sees the whole thing collapse. The log reports that everything in the area has been killed and it has activated the <<<Automatic Loot>>>. He then looks at the map and sees that the girls have disobeyed his order and are almost back at Seryuu city. Satou uses some supplies to make a structure on his back to support the 2 unconscious girls and then runs his way through the forest, gaining the offroad and 3D manuever skills and makes it back to the city before sunrise. The beast girls spot Satou off in the distance and they ride towards him and they all jump into Satou's chest while crying. Arisa and Lulu then stumble towards him and Arisa scolds him for doing something so reckless and demands he never does anything like that again.

Satou then puts the girls down and unwraps Mia while Arisa notices the homunculus and gets a bit depressed at her big breasts. Meanwhile Mia has woken up and asks if she is dreaming and Satou replies that she is not and that she is saved. Mia then starts talking in long sentences and says that even though she has lived with her mother for 100 years, she doesn't no how to say thank you. But then she tells Satou that he has her gratitude and kisses him on the forehead. Afterwards the homunculus wakes up and Arisa, Mia and Lulu looks at Satou like wives having caught their husbands cheating. Satou then asks the woman if she knows what has happened and she replies she does. She then says that she has standing orders in her library for when her master died and states that Satou has the qualification to become the new master, which he accepts. Afterwards the group goes to the jack of all trades, where Mia reunites with the manager and they have a conversation with 1 or 2 word lines where she explains that she was kidnapped and rescued by Satou and he explains that he moved to seryuu city from their hometown to deal with the mess one of his uncles left behind. Afterwards Mia states that she wants to go back to their hometown with Satou. Before they leave, Satou gets the manager to use his [Fake Patch] skill to hide the fact that the homunculus, now named Nana, is not a human from any status check like skill or yamato stone. He also gives some money to help pay for the journey to the elven village and Satou accepts.


  1. The first is about Lilio, one of the girls that Zena works with. First she teases Zena on her eventful date with the boy that rescued her and teases her on all the nice things that she had received. While she goes on watch duty, she goes to walk around and notices Satou, who then asks her to give a message to Zena about moving to Selbira city. She accepts while being disheartened that Satou doesn't seem to really care about her. The next day they receive requests from the Consul about the expedition to Selbira city and she tries to goat all the other members of the team to go along with her so that she can earn some extra money and so that Zena can be with her boy again.
  2. The second one is about the elf sage Trazayuya. This story is about how he got expelled by from the elf forest. While he was living in Selbira with some of his students, his students ran into the labyrinth without his permission. he runs into the labyrinth but finds it infested with thousands of demi-goblins so he leaves his home in the care of Giril and runs after the students with his dwarf assistant Dohar. They manage to come across the first wave of goblins and find one of the elfs dead and one other still alive. But the duo has no choice but to push forward. After continually cutting them up with magic and with weapons, he manages to find the last one and only 2 of the elves survive. This incident causes Trazayuya to be kicked from the Bornean elf clan and he resolves himself to create a safe training environment for the elves.
  3. The next is a POV from Tama about the events thats transpired. She is happy to have a kind master and Liza and Pochi to have a nice family. She answers with a "nyan" to herself, but she keeps it to herself because although Arisa said that Satou would be happy if she used that, Satou didn't look all too happy. She then picks out clothes for herself that matches that of Pochi while leaving unimportant matters like money to Arisa. After they leave the city, Tama is surprisingly happy and Arisa asks her about the time before she came to the city. She says that before she met Pochi, all she knew was warmth and fur. After she met Pochi, she could only speak in groans so she decided to teach Pochi how to speak, since she is the onee-chan. She is then taught by Arisa many different games and as a reward she decides to hunt some prey and give it to Arisa as a reward. When reaching the boulders, she starts to look around and finds a bouncing bunny. After not managing to catch it the first time, Pochi catches it and Tama starts to look elsewhere. After chasing after some crickets and a dragonfly, she finds some prey to sneak upon. When she jumps on him from surprise, it faints from the shock and Tama is dissapointed. She brings it back to Arisa but she tells her to throw it away, but when she does Satou scolds her. So Tama resolves herself to make sure that Arisa doesn't lie, since she is the onee-chan.