Uusu is a Lower Class Citizen of Seryuu City and member of Brown Rat Guild. Owner of three beast kin girls (later named Liza, Pochi, and Tama by Satou when he obtains ownership over them). Uusu lent his slaves to a Zaikuon Temple priest to help him deceive people and earn money. He was implied to have a hidden motive, using the Zaikuon Temple group to brainwash people into rebelling against the local count.

After being captured by Satou, he was framed as being a demonic instigator to a crowd. An Arm demon would soon emerge from his body shortly after that event, supposedly killing him the process.


A Small man with blue (anime episode 3) or blond (WN 4-intermission 1) hair, and fox-like eyes.


He was one of candidates of the true identity of the silver masked hero, but he is not judged by his abilities, compared with the silver masked hero, he had similar physique and hair and he was confirmed to be present during both uproars.


  • Fraud
  • Persuasion
  • Intimidation


  • On the Web novel chapter 4-intermission 1 he is compared with the silver masked hero because the physique and hair, so his hair must be blond, however on the anime is seen with blue hair.