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Originally a nameless slave known simply as "Cat" belonging to a man named Uusu, but became master-less after his death. She was given the name "Tama" by Satou during the events of the labyrinth and became his slave after leaving the labyrinth. Tama would later take up Liza's family name "Kishreshgalza" after being conferred the Honorary Chevalier title and rank.

Tama considers Pochi as her younger sister despite the fact that she is a Cat demi-human and Pochi is a Dog demi-human.


DM Anime Tama.png

Tama looks like a normal human child but with cat ears and tail. Her hair was short, white, and choppy.


Seiryuu City

No-Life King Zen

Muno Marquisdom

The zombies reached the main gate of Muno City, and the crowds were rushing from the main gate to the castle gate; Liza, Tama and Mia were closing in the zombies on the main gateWN 6-27.

In the village near Muno City, while Liza was negotiating with the chief village about the gathering of the 100 red pebbles [Snake Blood Stone], Mia was playing with Tama with a string. She was selecting the pebblesWN 6-28.

After the gathering she went with Tama and Liza to meet with Satou, 10 cavalry soldiers arrived to the entrance of the village and she used her magic to pass through them, after that the cavalry started following themWN 6-29.

Lot of people were running on the road, they were escaping, on the near small forest Mia requested help from the Dryad to create a road between trees apthat pears beside the crowd, so Liza, Tama a,nd Mia could passWN 6-29.

The cavalry soldiers of the duke followed Liza, Tama and Mia through the road oi the forest. While Tama was dealing with the fast zombies with rocks whomwere chasing the crowds, Liza was using her magic spear to cut them and Mia was using magicWN 6-30.

Muno City

Bolehart City

After the 【Fairy Sword Trazayuya】 was forged, Satou and his group were invited to a banquetWN 7-4.

Gururian City

Ougoch Capital

Puta Town

Bolenan Forest

Labyrinth City

Royal Capital

Kingdom Conference


  • Steel Sword
  • Small Wood ShieldWN 6-4
  • Buckler made from metalWN 6-5
  • One piece arranged with frills on its sleevesWN 6-8
  • Wooden sword (practice)WN 6-10.
    • Rolled with several layers of leather on the wooden swords for safety
    • Engraved
  • StilettoWN 6-13
  • Twin magic swords (one is a traditional whip-sword and the other is a sword with a drill function)WN 10-21
  • Whip sword
  • Ninja Gear:
    • Pink Ninja suit
    • katana
    • smoke bombs
  • Golden Orichalcum Armor
  • Dragon Fang sword WN 14-Intermission 1
  • Dragon Fang dagger WN 14-Intermission 1 
  • Katana (dragon fang powder-coated )WN 16-15


  • Tama starts with her favorites when she's eating food.
  • According to Satou, Tama is whimsical and often falls asleep at random moments.
  • She often treats Satou as a cat climbing pole.
  • Her favorite place to sleep is on Satou's lap.
    • Once she obtains that position, she fiercely defends that position.
  • She likes painting. The [Steak of Sunlight Filtering Through Trees] is one of her works.
    • she is also a part time inventor, having invented this worlds version of a projector, Satou refers to her during such times as Tama-sensei.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Tama is envious of Princess Menea Lumork's pink hair.
  • She teaches Pochi how to speak words (since she's the onee-chan)[1]
  • She and Pochi learned the shutan pose (シュタッのポーズ) and shupin pose (シュピッのポーズ) from Arisa.
  • Along with Pochi (usually being influenced by Arisa), Tama likes to do various happy dances like [Rejoicing Dance].(14-41)
  • During her spare time in the labyrinth city, she became a costumed super hero
    • She knows how to choke out a full grown man.
  • Whenever Pochi gets sentenced to a no-meat punishment, Tama usually voluntarily joins the punishment because she believes that she has failed as an onee-chan every time Pochi does something wrong.
  • She is the most skilled out of all of Satou's companions, being able to instantly master the flying boots and being able to dual wield whip swords as if they were lasso's and grapnels.


  • "Aye!"
  • "Don't worry be happy~?"
  • "Tama's a ninja, nin nin~"
  • "Tama's the oneechan~"
  • "Nyu~?"
  • "Nyu nyu nyu~?"
  • "Delicious is~ Justice!"
  • "Ninjas really are all about head hunting~"