Language: Shiga Kingdom Language

Currency: gold, silver, small silver, big copper, copper, penny (base)

  • Exchange Rate:
    • 1 Gold coin = 5 Silver coins
    • 1 Silver coin = 5 Big Copper coins
    • 1 Big Copper coin = 4 Copper coins
    • 1 Copper coin = 5 Base coins

Former Kings

  • Mito As First King of Shiga Kingdom under the name Shiga Yamato
  • Sharlick Shiga As the second King. he is adopted by Mito and got the name Shiga that way.


Royal Territory

Bishtal Dukedom

It is north of Marquis Eluett territory

  • Bishtal's Duchy Capital

Oyugock Dukedom

Eluett Marquisate

Directly North form Selbira City.

Muno Marquisate

Marquis Ganika (14-11)

Kuhanou Earldom

Kirik Earldom (10-2)

Bordering Ukeu Earldom

Lesseu Earldom

Seryuu Earldom

Ukeu Earldom (10-2)

Bordering Kirik Earldom.

Zettsu Earldom

Blue Territory

West of the Trade City and the South of Labyrinth City[1]


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