The [Shiga Eight Sword] or Eight Shiga Swords are titles given to the eight top swordsmen/warriors within the holy knights who are conversely the strongest in the kingdom. They're subordinates of Shiga kingdom's king. Sir Julberg refers to the Shiga Eight Swords as the pike that protects the kingdom.

The Eight

  • Julberg the [Unfalling], holds the first seat. 
  • Heim the [Weed], a former third seat, holds the second seat.
  • Hermina Kirik Fifth seat, Gun-user, deceased in WN version vs against a mid-classed demon, is alive in LN Version.
  • Bauen the [Wind Blade], holds the sixth seat. 
  • Reilas, holds the seventh seat. 
  • Ryouna the [Mower] holds the eight seat.
  • Jeril the [Crimson Noble]

Former Eights

  • Sharlick Shiga, the third prince of Shiga Kingdom, was a candidate to the extent he was given the kingdom's holy sword, Claiomh Solais, by the king and then prematurely becoming the second seat.
  • Sir Trell, nicknamed, [Gale]. The former fourth place of Shiga Eight Swords. The person who challenged and lost to a lesser dragon, retiring right after.

Holy Knight Candidates

  • Satou He declined
  • Sir Kerun


  • The favorite cane of the ancestor king Yamato is to be used by the top royal court magician in successive generations. It seems the reason why the king doesn't use the holy sword (Claiomh Solais) and the cane himself is because Yamato had implemented a system where they can only be used by the right person.