Although initially spelled "Seryuu" in early editions of the official English Light Novel translation (which has made several confirmed translation errors before)--the same errors which has trickled down into the later official anime dub and licensed manga... they eventually changed it to back to "Seiryuu" in later translated volumes, likely to better reflect the proper romanization, and more accurate pronunciation of "say-riuu", as opposed to "sir-yuu" that "Seryuu" invokes with the way it was previously translated before.



  • Unnamed abandoned village near the dragon valley
  • Seryuu City



  • Shrine's archway (Torii), 3 collapsed torii lined up (Broken Travel Gate)WN 5-2




  • Salt (For the horses)
  • Black bread with soup
  • Grilled Rabbit, entrails fried with herbs
  • Tea
  • Bean soup (With peppers)
  • Wild boars (Leg meat, Meat stuck on bones)
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits (Pears)
  • Water
  • Vegetable soup and breads
  • Brown Wolf intestines with fried vegetables and boiled potatoes
  • Bread and fruits
  • Water

Animals and Monsters

  • Wyverns
  • Dragons
  • Dogs
  • Goats
  • Sheeps
  • Goblins
  • Rabbits (Short-eared Rabbit)
  • Rats
  • Foxes
  • Wolves
  • Mosquito-like Insects: [Race Characteristic: Blood-sucking]
  • Big Frogs (Common Amphibians)
  • Flying Ant, level 2-4, poison and acid attacks, the acid burns and the poison is the paralyzing type (From the Maze of Trazayuya)
  • Hexapedal boar (Dash Boar), level 5-6 (From the Maze of Trazayuya)
  • Gargoyle, level 5, complete immunity to mind attack and night vision, it's hard, since it's a stone statue. Its moving speed is slightly faster than a person (From the Maze of Trazayuya)
  • Shadow Stalkers x3, level 12, [Physical Damage Halved], [Stamina Drain] as race specific skills (From the Maze of Trazayuya)
  • Owls (From the Maze of Trazayuya)
    • An owl with a red head-feather as its characteristic
  • Giant Boar, with a bear-sized
  • Snake with no poison
  • Dragonfly
  • Cricket
  • Brown Wolf


  • Firefly lily of the valley flower, the flower can be sold on the alchemy shop by five gold