Natalina is an employees of the Shimen family's scroll workshop in the Oyugock capital and considered an eccentric in scroll-making.


Natalina is freckled bespectacled little girl with short ash blond hair.


Oyugock City

Natalina and Jung, the manager of the Shimen family's scroll workshop, are tasked by Viscount Shimen to produce customized scrolls for Satou.

Boruenan Forest arc

Satou returns to Oyugock capital for errands where he visits the Shimen's scroll workshop to request for Natalina to make new magic scrolls for defeating Jellyfish. Natalina is unable make two of the scrolls because it deals with advanced magic and the necessary space magician has been scouted to become a teacher at the royal capital academy; where the space magician plans to make a holy sword that surpasses Gjallarhorn. But when Satou offers Dragon Powder unofficially known for it use in making holy swords, Natalina becomes very enthusiastic in completely his scroll request at the quickest time.