Menea Rumooku is the third princess of the small Rumooku Kingdom bordering the Oyugock dukedom. She's studying in the advanced division of Oritsu Royal Academy.


Menea's waist-long loosely-waved pink hair and emerald colored pupils are followed with chiseled face that's not too deep. Her height is only around 150cm, but her waist is thin, and she's well-endowed.


Rumooku Kingdom

Gururian City

It was originally planned that she, as the third princess, was to marry the prince of a small kingdom, but the kingdom of her partner was destroyed by the weaselkins and the prince had died. Therefore, for the sake of meeting her next marriage partner, Menea's going to study in Kayou Royal Academy (located in the royal capital) because of the abundance of young Shiga kingdom nobles.

On her journey to the royal capital, she and her entourage suffered attack from demon in Gururian City. She's later saved by Satou and his party. Among her saved entourage, there is two summoned people from japanese. She then told the story about her kingdom hero summoning to Satou. She believed that Satou will keep this secret.

Royal Capital


  • Summoning


  • Pink hair is highly regarded in Rumooku Kingdom because when Menea's ancestor met ancestor King Yamato, the ancestor king declared that "pink hair is the treasure of the world. Hereafter, Shiga kingdom will enter eternal non-aggression treaty with this country."