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First seen in a carriage carrying 10 female slaves in chapter 1-6, she doesn't appear again until chapter 3-3, when Satou purchased her along with her younger sister, Arisa. Her great-grandfather was Japanese. She is seen as ugly due to the different beauty standards in the world of Death March even though she is extremely beautiful in the eyes of the Japanese like Satou. She was born in Kubooku Kingdom.

She met Arisa when she was 9 years oldWN 6 Intermission 1.


DM Anime Lulu.png

She has a black hair and an oriental-looking face. She is considered unattractive to the residents of that world, but could have been an 'Idol' in Japan as mentioned by Arisa.


  • Arisa (Half-Sister)
  • Daisaku (Possibly her grandfather) (Deceased)
  • Lili (Mother) (Deceased)
  • King of Kubooku (Father) (Deceased)
  • Lolo - (Cousin, granddaughter of Daisaku)WN 18-14
  • 10 Unnamed Siblings (According to Arisa, there are probably more)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Lulu's auntWN 6 Intermission 1
  • Lulu's uncleWN 6 Intermission 1
  • Jido (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Bado (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Kuku (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1


Seiryuu City

First seen in a slave cart with her sister Arisa and several other slaves when Satou is taking a tour around Seiryuu City. Upon escaping the demon's labyrinth, he buys her and Arisa from the slave trader Nidoren after being told that no one wanted to buy them.

After returning to the Gate Inn, Lulu was relieved to the point of tears that Satou didn't need any "night services" from her. For the next few days afterward, Lulu began to suffer from a minor illness that kept her indoors, prompting Satou to buy her medicine from a pharmacy.

No-Life King Zen

After recovering for the most part, Lulu took on the role of making tea for Satou and guests wherever he went. After Satou rescued Mia and Mize from Zen's familiars, Lulu and the other girls visited her at Yuya's shop. As the only one among the group at the time who knew how to drive a coach, Lulu taught Satou coachman skills for their planned trip to the Bolenan Forest.

When the Undead King Zen attacked Yuya's shop, Lulu and most of the other girls were knocked out by Zen's fear attack. After Satou returns from successfully rescuing Mia from Trazayuya's cradle, Lulu greets him with a tearful embrace.

Muno Marquisdom

She made risotto for the people who were cooperating in collecting the red pebbles [Snake Blood Stone] on the river in the village near Muno City, Nana negotiated with the village chief to allow Satou's groups to use the kitchen in his house so Lulu could treat the people in the village with more foodWN 6-28.

After gathering nearly 200 pebbles Lulu was learning cuisines of this region from the housewives who have helped herWN 6-31.

Muno City

During the battle of Muno City, Lulu is tasked with protecting the inn. Lulu does this by continuously activating a monster repellent Holy Stone. given to her by Satou. After successfully defending the City of Muno, Lulu spends the rest of the teams time in the City of Muno by volunteering in the kitchen of the Baron by getting the chef to teach her and Satou some cooking basics(LN-04).

We are finally revealed of Lulu's last name as Watari, when she was asked of what Satou's family name should be, and so she states her great-grandfathers family name.

Bolehart City

After the 【Fairy Sword Trazayuya】 was forged, Satou and his group along with Lulu were invited to a banquetWN 7-4.

Gururian City

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Ougoch Capital

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Puta Town

*Information will be added soon later.*

Bolenan Forest

*Information will be added soon later.*

Labyrinth City

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Royal Capital

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Kingdom Conference

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  • Blue braidsWN 6-6
  • RibbonsWN 6-6
  • Apron with frillsWN 6-10
  • Maid outfit (made of mithril silk, comparable to full plate steel.)
  • 5 different types of magic guns
  • [Tuna Slayer]
    A huge golden-colored two-meter long Orichalcum Kitchen Knife [2] [3]
  • Smoothbore Gun (20mm anti-tank rifle using steel shells with magic-core-powder propellant)
        Smoothbore Gun (Upgraded)  (12-24)
  • Golden Orichalcum Armor
  • Dragon Fang dagger WN [14 Intermission 1]
  • Acceleration gun (same as the smoothbore gun but with acceleration magic circles as the propellant)
  • Acceleration gun Bullets (dragon fang powder-coated)(16-15)
  • Overload Gunboat. Her version of the Staff warship but it was designed to fight in space against the Kaijuu, not gods. Comes with a 20m railgun and every type of ammo imaginable. Also has the ability to travel via sub-space, whether it can reach other dimensions is unknown.


  • She loves talking about her sister, Arisa
    • But she has started to fight Arisa over who the main wife would be.
  • She hates her own face because she thinks it's ugly.
  • She likes the children story of The Ugly Duckling
  • She can make delicious tea[4]
  • There is has been a hint that she has become obsessive with Satou, to the point of wanting to bear his child.
  • Satou believes that her cooking skills' is already at level 10, due to her cooking being comparable to his own.
  • It is implied that Satou believes that she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
  • She has shown to have a desire of being Satou's wife.
    • In the Muno Barony, having witnessed Satou promise that he'll marry Arisa if she is still single after 10 years, Lulu immediately tried asking him for the same promise, Which Satou quickly agreed too (though he did so hastily without thinking), unofficially making Lulu Satou's second fiancé (after Arisa).
      • Upon hearing Satou's marriage promise to Arisa, Lulu showed signs of jealousy toward her sister saying "lucky" in a murmur.
  • In the entirety of the novel, she has only missed a single shot
    • Her skills have lately allowed her to kill enemies with a single shot before those around her detect them.
  • She also has a yandere side to her, almost torturing an insect that tried to eat Satou's food and secretly referring to beautiful women who are grateful for being saved by Satou as "vulgar".
  • Satou also uses Lulu as a scale to measure the level of beauty of others. But (In light novel) till now no one was able to reach the level of her beauty even Aaze his only love is not on Lulu's level according to Satou.


  • "--But on the other hand, it's possible for me to become a bride now. I'll become a good woman enough for Master to be interested in during the promised four year!"
  • "That's right! I think not allowing me to take a bath together after I became of age is cruel! I also want the opportunity to appreciate Master's collarbone!"
  • "I'm first!" said when objecting to Nana having sex with Satou in order for her to regain her MP


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