First seen in a carriage carrying 10 female slaves in chapter 1-6, but doesn't appear again until chapter 3-3, when Satou purchased her along with her younger sister, Arisa. Her great-grandfather was Japanese. She is seen as ugly due to the different beauty standards in the world of Death March even though she is extremely beautiful in the eyes of the Japanese. She was born in Kubooku Kingdom.

She met Arisa when she was 9 years oldWN 6 Intermission 1.


DM Anime Lulu

She has a black hair and an oriental-looking face. She is considered unattractive to the residents of that world, but could have been an 'Idol' in Japan as mentioned by Arisa.


  • Arisa (Sister)
  • Lili (Mother) (Deceased)
  • King of Kubooku (Father) (Deceased)
  • 10 Unnamed Siblings (According to Arisa, there are probably more)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Lulu's auntWN 6 Intermission 1
  • Lulu's uncleWN 6 Intermission 1
  • Jido (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Bado (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1
  • Kuku (Cousin)WN 6 Intermission 1


Seryuu City

No-Life King Zen

Muno Marquisdom

She made a risotto for the people who were cooperating in collecting the red pebbles [Snake Blood Stone] on the river in the village near Muno City, Nana negotiated with the village chief to allow Satou's groups to use the kitchen in his house so Lulu could treat the people in the village with more foodWN 6-28.

After gathering nearly 200 pebbles Lulu was learning cuisines of this region from the housewives who have helped herWN 6-31.

Muno City

Bollhart City

After the 【Fairy Sword Trazayuya】 was forge, Satou and his group were invited to a banquetWN 7-4.

Gururian City

Oyugock Capital

Puta Town

Boruenan Forest

Labyrinth City

Royal Capital

Kingdom Conference


Weapon Skills

  • [Shooting]
  • [Sniping]

Physical Combat Skills

  • [Shield]
  • [Self-Defense]
  • [Parry]

Magic Skills

  • [Life Magic]
  • [Force Art Magic]

Magic-Based Skills

  • [Chanting]
  • [Magic Power Operation] (15-6)

Artistic Skills

  • [Meditation]

Manufacturing Skills

  • [Self-Production]
  • [Compounding]
  • [Alchemy]

Academic Skills

  • [Etiquette]

Labor Skills

  • [Marshalling]
  • [Cooking]
  • [Service]

Gift(Orb) Skills

  • Item Appraisal


  • Blue braidsWN 6-6
  • RibbonsWN 6-6
  • Apron with frillsWN 6-10
  • Maid outfit
  • [Tuna Slayer]
    A huge golden-colored two-meter long Orichalcum Kitchen Knife [1] [2]
  • Smoothbore Gun
        Smoothbore Gun (Upgraded)  (12-24)
  • Golden Orichalcum Armor
  • Dragon Fang dagger WN [14 Intermission 1]
  • Acceleration gun
  • Acceleration gun Bullets (dragon fang powder-coated)(16-15)


  • She loves talking about her sister, Arisa
  • She hates her own face, because she thinks it's ugly
  • She likes the children story of The Ugly Duckling
  • She can make delicious tea[3]


  • "--But on the other hand, it's possible for me to become a bride now. I'll become a good woman enough for Master to be interested in during the promised four year!"
  • "That's right! I think not allowing me to take a bath together after I became of age is cruel! I also want the opportunity to appreciate Master's collarbone!"


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