The head miko of Tenion temple in Oyugock dukedom. She was the former companion of a hero who wielded the holy sword, Joyeuse, 66 years ago since then the hero has returned to his world.


Yu Tenion, when visited by Nanashi, in her consecrated office her noble face betrays her age of 80 years old as she looks no younger than 17 years old complimented by her youthful voice.


Oyugock Capital

Yu encounters Nanashi when she believes him to be an assassin aiming for her life but her misunderstanding is cleared when Nanashi reveals the kidnapped mikos alongside the corpse of the young Tenion miko Sera rescued from Wings of Liberty. Yu despairs at the fact that Sera couldn't win against her fate of being sacrificed for the resurrection of the demon lord (Golden Wild Boar King). Nanashi broaches the topic of her being able able to use [Resurrection Magic] and restores her hope; by first fulfilling one of the conditions of the magic by using Excalibur as a power tank to supply the head miko's resurrection artifact and another condition by presenting Sera's corpse that accumulated only several seconds--due to time magic of Satou/Nanashi's storage--after her death rather than thirty minutes or the magic wouldn't work. With the procedures complete Yu begins the magic chant resurrecting Sera.


Magic Skills

  • [Holy Magic: Tenion Belief]

[Holy Magic - Spells]

  • [Resurrection Magic]

Academic Skills

  • [Appraisal]

Speciality Skills

  • [Crisis Perception]


  • She suspected that Satou is the one who saved Sera, later Satou admitted it.
  • Receives the name of Yu Tenion as Saintess


  • "Ara, the assassin tonight is quite excellent. This is the first time I don't notice one until he's this close."
  • "I was just slightly enraptured by the situation. Being embraced by a gentleman who had good will during your death's bed, wouldn't that tickle your maiden's heart?"