Lilio is a soldier under Seryuu's military command; also a close friend and subordinate of Zena. She is often shown to tease Zena for being a late bloomer. She's recognized as a natural flirt. Lilio is the smallest among her other friends Iona and Ruu.


Lilio has a baby face. She's a self-proclaimed beauty.


Seryuu City

Lilio, alongside, Ruu and Iona, tease Zena on her new-found relationship with Satou.

Journey to Labyrinth City

Lilio after becoming aware of Satou leaving Seryuu city heading towards the Labyrinth city--for merchant business--she laments that Zena would be saying goodbye to her love all too quickly. Not until she comes across applications for personnel selection for deployment in the labyrinth city; all this is due to Earl Seryuu's plans of commercializing the newly-sprouted labyrinth in Seryuu city. Lilio sees this as great opportunity to get rich because of the worthy benefits that come with the job and as bonus she's able to help Zena with her love.

Lesseu Earldom


  • Chain mailWN 5 Intermission 1
  • Pajama which is a knee-length shirtWN 5 Intermission 1
  • ArmorsWN 5 Intermission 1
  • UnderwearWN 5 Intermission 1
  • Short shirtWN 5 Intermission 1
  • Cute shirtWN 5 Intermission 1
  • Breast wrapWN 5 Intermission 1
  • Sturdy metal-reinforced leather bootsWN 5 Intermission 1



  • Lilio is referred to as a love-maniac by Zena because of the former's fondness for love stories and her meddlesome behaviour when it comes to it.
  • She acts as the scout in Zena's squad.
  • Lilio uses a crossbow.