Karina Muno is the second daughter of Leon Muno, the younger sister to Soruna Muno and the older sister to Orion Muno. Her family are blood relatives of the Oyugock duke house, where her father is supposedly the nephew of Duke Oyugock (therefore Ringrande, Tisrad, and Sera, would be her third cousins) similar to the Shimen family with Toruma Shimen being her second cousin once removed (though she refers to him as uncle because of their age difference) and his daughter, Mayuna, her third cousin.

Karina is the owner of magic tool, Raka. Raka was a name associated with the most famous knowledgeable magic tool [Intelligent Item] that came out in tales of its previous master hometown. Apparently its previous master was a Hero. Karina found it at old collapsed building inside the castle, when the tool calling for her. During 16 years of her staying in the castle, she never entered the building because the maid prevented her, said it's dangerous. When the contract established, the tool take forms of accessories at head, hands, and feet of Karina (A tiara, bracelets, and anklets). The tool can reinforce its master power, also has power to read mind and use simple magic arts by using its master magic power. When the tool talk the tiara is glowing blue.

Karina's travels with her personal maids as her attendants like Erina.


A beautiful girl with big proportions. She has demonic breasts that surpassed her big sister. Her blond hair has a lot of braids.


Muno City

She found Raka on the old collapsed building inside the Muno City castle. In a room where there is a throne, possibly it was an audience hall of the marquis. Raka made a contract with her, bringing her the power she desire, Wisdom and BraveryWN 6-23.

She was caught by a group of thieves when she was trying to rescue a caught Unicorn. She was found by Sir Zotor at the base of the large thief group near Muno City. She was running into the forest depth looking for help of the Wood Giants accompanied with ZotorWN 6-23.

Soruna Muno and Karina almost got kidnapped after their carriage had crashed into a child, that accident happened to them twice, by orders of the demon as fake consul carriages were not to be stopped even if it would kill the civilian who got ran overWN 6-25.

Muno Marquisdom

She requested reinforcement from the wood giants, the main body of the demon caused the conditions [Confusion] on the wood giants, they started fighting against each otherWN 6-27.

She was affected by the demon's Mind Magic, but her state was dispel by Raka when she was about to attack IshizuchiWN 6-30.

Gururian City

Oyugock Capital

Labyrinth City

Royal Capital of Shiga Kingdom


Karina specializes in close-quarter combat, usually smashing through with blunt force attacks. She often fought recklessly and didn't think about the consequences of her action.

Weapon Skills

Physical Combat Skills

  • FightingWN 6 Intermission 5
  • Flickering Movement
  • Magic Power Operation
  • Magic EdgeWN 16-10
  • Magic Edge CannonWN 16-33


  • Raka
  • Horse-riding pantsWN 6-34
  • Mithril Pole Hammer WN 11-5
  • Hard Newt leather armor composite WN 11-5
  • Knuckle Guards WN 11-5
  • Dual heavy maces WN 14-27
  • Silver armor (as Silver Knight Kungfu)
  • Dragon Fang daggerWN 14 Intermission 1


  • She consider when her uncle, Toruma, came to play during her childhood to be the most fun time.
  • She's good with embroidery and poem.
  • Since she was small, her father has been talking about heroes, so just like him, she also gained interest on heroes.
  • Karina will usually name her attacks while shouting them out loud like a tokusatsu/shounen action hero, such as "Karina -Kick" or "Kung-fu Kick".
  • She has an "oujo-sama" or "sheltered noble lady" archetype personality, blond drill hair and all...often ending her sentences with "desuwa".
  • She was the second of Sato's companions to attempt to get engaged with Satou through underhanded means.
    • After thoroughly rejecting her in addition to defeating her, she was reduced down to a sobbing heap.
      • But it is assumed that Arisa was able to convince her off-scene to keep trying so that Satou would be forced to make a harem.


  • Desuwa