Jojori is daughter of Driar, and granddaughter of Dohar.



After Satou asked about the facilities related to Mithril, Jojori adviced Driar to requested permission from DoharWN 7-2.

Satou, Dohar, Zajir, Driar and Jojori went to the Mithril furnace, where Satou used his magic power to fueled it, Jojori gave sunglasses-like to Satou to protect the eyes. Dohar sent her to bring smoked basilisk meat for Satou and him, Satou asked her to bring message to Arisa and the others and arrange for their meal, since they were going to stay in the guest mansion of the mayor. After Dohar saw the medicine used to work with Mithril, he asked Jojori to search for any alchemist who can compound it since Ganza was having a meeting with the GnomesWN 7-3.

The day after a banquet the dwarves had with Satou and his group, Jojori came for them to bring them to the dinning room for a meal where Dohar with the craftsmen and the blacksmiths were eatingWN 7-5.

Jojori has deliberately volunteered to guide the sightseeing of Satou and his group. Jojori and Satou went to the Don-Haan magic shop, after that to a restaurant that faces the squareWN 7-5.

The fourth son of a viscount came from Gururian City, requesting a Mithril sword for the martial tournament on the Oyugock Capital. Jojori told him that it was requiered an letter of introduction from the Duke or the Viceroy, in reaction to this information the man fainted and Jojori carried him and left him on the bench at the corner of the cafeteriaWN 7-6


  • According to Satou, she looks like a secretary.
  • According to Arisa, Jojori seems to be the type of "A firm career woman who's drawn to no-good men."