Viscount Jin Belton is a retainer of Earl Seryuu. He's the current head of prestigious Belton family, which has continued since the days of ancestral king Yamato. He's also the vice-captain of Seryuu's magic soldier troops. His daughter is Tana Belton.



Seryuu City

Like his daughter, he's one of the 109 people that fell prey to the Seryuu Demon's labyrinth when said demon possessed Uusu. He's later saved alongside his daughter by Satou, Tama, Pochi, and Liza who were also trapped in the labyrinth.

Jin Belton first impression of Satou was he's excellent at commanding his demi-human slaves, but the actual person himself was mediocre. He's a coward who didn't equip a sword, couldn't use magic, and only stealthily threw stones from behind his demi-human slaves.


Magic Skills

  • [Fire Magic]

[Fire Magic - Spells]

  • [Flame Magic]
  • [Fire Storm]
  • [Fire Pillar]

Academic Skills

  • [Social]