Jahad, an old magician from the royal capital. Famous for creating useless magic tools. Satou has bought a lot of his works. He as Kuro employed Jahad.


Oyugock Capital

Satou buys another of Jahad books from Kikinu's shop.

Royal Capital

Aoi Haruka went to Jahad's place to introduce him to his new employer, Kuro. Kuro expressed his admiration towards Jahad's works but Jahad showed disbelief and believed it to be a lip service. Kuroshowed the things made by Jahad that he bought including the spinning top. Jahad believed him and was invited to join the firm. Jahad declined. He will only join in one condition. After showing the new aerodynamic engine, he finally agrees.


  • Magic Catalyst and the Material
  • Seeds and Catalysts
  • x5 Unnamed books