Yuriko Rumooku with her skill [Power to Connect Worlds]  and the magic tool, Motara, that would help summon heroes which was given to the king of the country by weaselkins. At first the king showed his disapproval, but was persuaded by the skillful weaselkins and by the fear caused by the annihilation of a neighboring small kingdom cause by the weaselkins. Soon after, Japanese people began to be summoned, but no one was as strong or had unique skills like the hero of Saga Empire. There are total of eight people summoned to Rumooku Kingdom.


  1. The first person summoned began to scream eccentrically immediately after they had been summoned and tried to get close to the royalties, so they were executed by the guard knights.It's speculated by Satou they might have been trying to understand their situation while speaking in Japanese.
  2. The second person met the exact same fate as the first person.
  3. The third person is a man in his late teens, that slipped out of the castle the day he was given a translation ring and seemed to have died in the forest, eaten by monsters. When the soldiers had caught up to him, the monsters were devouring him, and only his hand with the translation ring on the finger was left. Later noted to be John Smith.
  4. The fourth person is a man in his thirties. He attacked a noble who was on an inspection during his battle training, and got executed. After living peacefully in Japan, he had to undergone military training every day to the point of vomiting blood, and he went mad.
  5. The fifth person is a woman in her late twenties, after she was given translation ring and explained of her situation, she committed suicide on the evening of that day. It was concluded that she killed herself because she couldn't return back home as Motara connects to a different [Parallel World Japan] with each succession of its use.
  6. Aoi Haruka is the sixth person summoned from Great Rich Japan Empire.
  7. Yui Akasaki is the seventh person summoned from Southern Japan Federation.
  8. When the last, and eighth person was summoned, a senior demon attacked the castle, her highness Yuriko and the people involved with the summoning were all killed. The eighth summoned person was abducted by the demon, and half of Rumooku Kingdom was burned in half jest by the demon. The abduction was a day before the day when many meteors fall from the sky. in WN volume 13 it seems to be Shin boy.