In the WN Chapter 14-34: "I only felt 『My body feels a bit lighter I think?』 somehow even if I changed my title." Satou answer to Arisa's question. about advantage of the 『Hero』title.

However in the Anime/LN the 『Hero』title is needed in order to use Holy Weapons. If used without the title, the Holy Sword deals small continuous damage to the user. Whether it may only apply to divine gift Holy Weapons, and not Holy Weapons made via magic circuit.

Rumooku Kingdom did attempt of Hero Summoning but failed. More can be read on that in article Hero Summoning of Rumooku Kingdom.

Hero Titles

  • [Hero]
  • [True Hero]
  • [Hero King] Satou got it together with [King] title NW (14-8). He had equipped one of the [Hero] titles
  • [Unsung Hero]

Parion's Heroes

Saga Empire's Hero Summoning Gate (made via magic circles) can be use to Summoning Hero. It made so that there meet god Parion on the way and gets some Unique Skills and get some Levels in the process.

The meeting with god Parion has some similarities when some of the reincarnated persons get theirs Unique Skills (God Fragments) from the Demon God.

Unique Skills give of blue light when used. instead of the the purple light given of Demon Lord and reincarnated persons with purple hair.

if a Parion's Hero overuse its Unique Skills it gets into a rampaging state, blue lines appears on skin  and leak blue light from mouth and eyes. The blue lines is similar to crystallized blue liquid. 

Blood Elixir can temporary reduce the state.

[Nectar] Damaging the body.

When a Parion Hero obtains [True Hero] title god Parion makes contact and the Hero may return home.

Hero Becoming

[True Hero] title is gained after Slaying Demon Lord and having a [Hero] title

The [Hero] title

Zen said [Hero title is located between the point of life and death]. But Satou had it easy.

Satou can't think of a common denominator [1]

Known heroes

Parion's Heroes With the [Hero] title

Parion's Heroes With the [True Hero] title

Not a Parion's Hero

With the [True Hero] and the [Demon lord] titles

With the [Hero] and the [Demon lord] titles

With the [True Hero] title

With more titles


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