Hayuna, is the wife of Toruma Shimen, a noble, because of her commoner status she was eloping with her husband and their baby. They would later be forgiven by the main house of Toruma's family.


A 25 years old woman with reddish blond hair. She's relatively beautiful, she has childish eyes that makes her look younger.


Muno Marquisdom

Whilst on course to Oyugock's capital (where Toruma's family house resides) with her family after being forgiven via Muno City they are attacked by bandits who used their baby, Mayuna, as a hostage in hopes of gaining a ransom from Toruma's parents. A group of knights (Sir Eral, Sir Bezz, Sir Donoza) of the Muno Marquisdom started fighting with the thieves; thanks to Satou and his party both Hayuna and Toruma were rescue, despite she was almost killed by Eral, later, she tells Satou the thieves hideout lovation were her daughter was; Satou, Arisa and Mia successfully rescued Mayuna from the rest of the thieves. While they were traveling, Hayuna tells Satou that they couldnt call for help to the knights because they threatened to kill their daughter if they uttered a word.

Muno City

She arrived where the mansion of Leon Muno is located, she arrived with Satou, Arisa, Pochi and TorumaWN 6-24.

After Satou instructed Leon to move the anxious citizens inside of the castle fortress, she went with along with her family and the servants to the fortress first, so toruma could make preparations thereWN 6-27.

Oyugock Capital

Gracefully, adapting to noble life, Hayuna welcomes Satou and Arisa as they come to give their greetings when they visit the capital. Exchanging pleasantries, she recommends they visit the opera house to hear the miraculous voice of Lulilutoa the fairy.


  • [Cleaning]


  • Traveling clothesWN 6-15
  • HoodWN 6-16