The hero party of Hayato Masaki. Their base is on the airship, Jules Verne, that occupies a grey dimensional gap/space that makes it easier for Hayato and his party to instantaneously arrive at a given crisis around the world.


The group has been together for five years supposedly since Hayato was summoned into the world.


  • Hayato Masaki
  • Ringrande Oyugock (Magic Warrior)
  • Maryest Saga (Witch)
  • Rusus (Light Warrior)
    A tiger ears-kin.
  • Fifi (Twin-sword Warrior)
    A wolf ears-kin.
  • Loreiya (Priest)
  • Nono (Secretary)
    She's acting as intelligence in the labyrinth city, Selbira of Shiga kingdom, though a non-combatant she has escorts.
  • Seina (Spy)
    She has infiltrated Yowok kingdom, monitoring their supicious movements ever since they invaded and conquered Kubooku kingdom for its labyrinth (now revived).
  • Wyni
  • Wiyayari (Archer)
    A long ears-kin, dark elf.


  • Using the Talisman of Divine Gift, members of the party can summon the hero, Hayato, in a time of crisis by praying to the god, Parion; "O great Parion, please grant my selfish wish to summon the hero! I am the follower, follower of the hero Hayato, [Calls out one's name]."
  • Due to his own particular preferences, Hayato is quietly frustrated that his party does not contain even a single "loli". He is therefore openly envious of Satou, whose party consists of almost nothing but lolis.
    • Ironically, Satou is rather jealous of Hayato, since his own preference of "beautiful mature women with large chests" being an accurate description of almost every member of Hayato's party.