A Demon that is appeared in Gururian City, it appeared after a person using magic tool called [Short Horn]. The demon specialize in physical attack and defense, it has weak magic defense.


Although has same grade and species as the one from Muno city, the demon is different. It has bigger build and six arms, also it looks like a gorilla. The only common point between them is the red short horns.


Gururian City

When Satou entered the Gururian City there's no demon sighted, even in whole dukedom. It appeared after a person from Wings of Liberty use an item called [Short Horn] to transfom himself into a demon. Even though the demon can't use magic, it doesn't seem to be weak. It blows several people to the air by swinging its strong arms. One of those flying people catched by Satou, she's Karina. Later the demon is defeated by Satou and his companions.


  • Strength
  • Hard Body
  • Transformation
  • Flame Palm