A demon lord with a with a wild-boar head and hairless body.


Oyugock Capital

The Golden Wild Boar King was one of three demons possessing a body during the Wings of Liberty ritual in the capital. Two of which where members of the cult and the last one was the miko of Tenion temple, Sera, that the Boar King took over. The demon lord relinquishes his possession of Sera's body and at the same time killing her when Nanashi defeats its two demon retainers.

Resurrected from the sacrifices and death in the labyrinth it faces of Nanashi who he claims is like an "artificially created cultivation" because of the latter absurd power but lack of experience. Through the arduous fight between the two with Nanashi with the upper hand when he uses the intermediate level magic Furnace Flame (Forge) on the Boar King destroying half of its body.

The latter transforms to an undead due to its unique skill, Banpufutou, and regenerates again.The Boar King is cornered when Nanashi uses Furnace Flame to destroy his magic shields whilst initiating a three-stranded spiral spear attack with the spear Holy Spear Longinus. Half of its body is destroyed and regrows a new body with translucent-like tentacles coming out of hand and retaliates with its [Instant Death] skill.

After seven more successions of destruction and revival the Boar King summons black flame magic swords made of its bones (capable of burning Heavenly Dragons) and Nanashi swaps Longinus with Durandal. Unable to injure Nanashi is corned as magic swords are continuously destroyed by Durandal.

Boar King is cut into pieces before it could regenerate Furnace Flame incinerates its decaying corpse. The remaining tenacious body parts are destroyed by holy bolt and finally Holy Sword Galatine is used to evaporate those remains.


  • [Physical Damage 99% Cut]
  • [Magic Damage 90% Cut]
  • [Destruction Magic]
  • [Explosion Magic]
  • [Instant Death]

Unique Skills

  • [Ikkitousen]
  • [Phantasmagoric]
  • [Banpufutou]


  • Like most revealed demons, the Golden Wild Boar King has a speaking tic and ends all its sentences with the word 'noda'.
  • Golden Wild Boar King was previously defeated by Ancient King Yamato and the heavenly dragons. The Boar King suggests Nanashi to be the equivalent of both of them when he's defeated again by him.
  • There is six senior greater demons that served under Golden Wild Boar King, they are Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Black.