Oyugock Capital

A sea lionkin child who didn't see where he was going hits the big tigerkin man, Geri, accidentally stains the man's trousers. After Geri kicks down the sea lionkin child, Nana and Satou, who happened to be admiring the young child at the time move and successfully suppress Geri before any more violence against the child. The incident comes to a close when Galgaoron, Geri's companion, ominously decides to settle this matter with Satou in the Oyugock's martial tournament that was happening in the capital.

Satou, in disguise, spots Geri and Galgaoron, in one of the dark auctions in Oyugock capital rescuing a nine year old tigerkin princess, Runya. Satou laments on the hypocrisy of the situation, when in their first meeting, Geri attack a sea lion-kin child but is rescuing another child opposed to the other.