Galhar, is the owner of a magic shop above the ground in Bollhart City. He is Jojori's childhood friend. Galhar speaks like a machine-gun when he sees Jojori.


Even though he's a dwarf, he's not exposing his stomach, and his beard is carefully set and waxed.


He sold Satou 2 magic books with different authors from the ones on Don-Haan magic shop, and several Scrolls, some of them were bad stock, defective products.

Shop Items

  • Magic books.
    • The magic books are mostly the same as the ones from Don-Haan underground magic shop.
    • There are two books with different authors.
  • Scrolls.
    • The scrolls line-up is different, the ones here are suited for nobles and merchants.
    • Life magic scrolls, they're insect repellent, anti-itch or deodorant, etc.
      • Scroll for clean drinking unboiled water.
    • Each scroll it normally would be 1 gold coin for one, but he is selling them for 3 silver coins.
    • Satou bought them cheaper than their stocking prices. Coupled with three other well-selling scrolls, the total becomes three gold coins.
      • Scroll, Life Magic: Bug Wiper
      • Scroll, Life Magic: Anti-Itch
      • Scroll, Life Magic: Deodorant
      • Scroll, Life Magic: Pure Water
      • Scroll, Nature Magic: Short Stun
      • Scroll, Nature Magic: Sonar
      • Scroll, Nature Magic: Fence
      • Scroll, Nature Magic: Signal
    • The last 3 scrolls were sell it by one silver coin, far from even half the prices.
      • Scroll, Nature Magic: Cube, is like a magic in between [Shield], and [Floating Board], the practitioner could create cubes of arbitrary size that float in the air. It's mainly used to keep off rushing enemies, but it could also be used like a chair. On top of having short effective time, it would also disappear when it's separated away from the practitioner. It's not like it's completely still in the air as it'd move when it's overloaded. Looks like I could use it to create invisible stairs in the air.
      • Scroll, Fire Magic: Furnace Flame, it's a magic for melting ores into ingots. It's a very dwarf-like scroll, but it couldn't even be used for melting iron core if there are less than 10 scrolls, it also needs strong vessel to use, and the melted iron will flow to the ground, so it's difficult. The activation range is short, so the practitioner would get burnt.
      • Scroll, Light Magic: Condense, it could use it for drying laundry during cloudy days, or you could use it to read in dim room.


  • Galhar calls Zajir as muscle-brain idiot.
  • According to Satou he is a dwarf hunk.