Duke Oyugock is the current lord of the Oyugock terriotory. He's the grandfather of Ringrande, Tisrad, and Sera. His nephews are both Viscount Shimen and Toruma Shimen. It's undecided but it's said Baron Muno is either also his nephew or younger brother.


An old man with good physique and with entire body hair in white. His hair is plentiful, but his beard is even more so. He looks like a good-natured man, but the glints on his eyes are powerful. As proof, upon their first meeting with the duke Shelna who was with Satou stiffens at the first sight of him.


Muno Marquisdom

He sent 10 cavalries to meet his nephew couple, HautoWN 6-30.

Oyugock Capital

The duke meets Satou, who he refers to as a hero, for protecting Baron Muno's territory and defeating the demon in his Gururian city. He thanks him and tries to recruit him into his armed forces that are capable of defeating demons because of the rise of demon attacks on other towns and cities. Satou declines, though the duke grants his wish for attack-related scrolls and magic tools as the reward for saving Gururian city as well as visit rights for workshops in the capital.



  1. Referred to Oyugock