Driar is the mayor of Bollhart City, and the son of Dohar. The lord of this self-governing dominion of dwarves. He has a daughter called Jojori.



He received from Satou the letter of Nina, asking permission for sending exchange students to Bollhart City. He accepted the permission because he was taken care by Nina when he was studying on the royal capital.

After Satou asked about the facilities related to Mithril, Driar by Jojori's advice, requested permission from DoharWN 7-2.

Satou, Dohar, Zajir, Driar and Jojori went to the Mithril furnace. The furnace is fueled with magic power, Dohar requested Satou to put it into the furnace, and Driar objected itWN 7-3.

The day after a banquet the dwarves had with Satou and his group, Jojori came for them to bring them to the dinning room for a meal where Dohar with the craftsmen and the blacksmiths were eating. After Dohar saw Mia, he told Satou from a request from the Boruean Forest's Senate to Search for Mia, since Satou was taking her to the forest, Driar made the arranges to send a letter reporting it instead of Dohar.


  • According to Driar, Nina is a courageous woman.