Don is one of two owners of the magic shop, Don-Haan, in Bollhart City. His twin is Haan.


Small old man.


Shop Items

  • Scrolls to deal with cave-in or gases.
    • Earth and wind magic.
    • Scrolls, they're only expensive things for people who could use magic themselves, the effects are very light, there're only six kinds of scrolls.
      • To crush rock so that it becomes sands, [Rock Smasher].
      • For when water comes up, [Freeze Water], and [Hard Clay].
      • For reinforcing brittle bedrocks, [Mud Wall (Wall)].
      • For breaking through place with strange gas, [Air Cleaner], [Air Curtain].
  • Magic books and scrolls.
    • Lower grade magic books for water, wind, ice and fire magic, intermediate grade magic books for earth and fire.
    • Unusual stuffs like blacksmith magic and mountain magic.
      • Blacksmith magic, magic arranged for blacksmithing purpose, it's usable with fire magic skill.
      • Mountain magic, magic for searching and digging out minerals in the mine, usable with earth magic skill.
  • Selling finished alchemy products, but there's no compounding tools or materials for sale.