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Original Story by Hiro Ainana

Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notice that he's thrown into another world wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high level and treasures after using the 3-times-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, once. After that he intends to do another world "sightseeing tours"? Meeting 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black haired sisters, and an eccentric blond haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although occasionally fighting demon and demon lord, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.
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Aialize Bolenan

Aialize Bolenan (N/A, N/A) or in shortーAaze (N/A, N/A) is one of eight high elves in Bolenan Forest and currently the only one awake. She's the acting head of Bolenan Forest and its Elder Council.

She appears to be a woman in her twenties despite having lived for hundreds of million years. Aialize has blue eyes and light blond hair, thin lips and nose that isn't too high, C-cup breasts, and about as tall as Satou.

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Blog Post
Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi 7 February 2020

Did Satou waste some of his skill points ?

There was no need to invest skill points for learning Coachmanship, when that same skill points grants something ridiculously powerful like other world magic. I feel he really wasted some of his points instead of  keeping them for awesome powers. New language ? Hire a translator and use the skill p…

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Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi 1 February 2020

Exactly how strong is the Demon Lord ?

He can reset stats but what else can he do ? 

Read Full Post
Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi 25 January 2020

Can someone please tell me what is going on with Satou's level ?

His skill points and level went up 10 times and then it became 10 and level 1. What is the deal ? 

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