A demon that was the right-hand man of a Demon Lord.


A twenty-foot tall giant with horns of a ram, glowing dark-red eyes, and gleaming black skin. There were shining metal claws at the ends of each of his four arms. Black bat wings sprouted from his back with veins of red, plus a forked tail with sharp points on the end.


The demon was summoned by Eyeball Demon inside Seryuu's City Labyrinth. He was defeated by Satou using combination of Divine Blade with Godkiller title.

Abilities & Skills

  • Wind Magic: Demon
  • Lightning Magic: Demon
  • Dark Magic: Demon
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Flight
  • Petrifying Breath (LN) / Evil Gaze [Petrification] (WN)
  • Poison
  • Regeneration
  • Spawn Creation
  • Acid Breath (WN)
  • Support Magic that cut physical damage by 90%
  • Support Magic that increase physical attack power by 300%


  • The demon call himself with "The Great I"


  • "No Matter How Good You Are With That Sword, You Won't Be Able To Beat Me If You Can't Use Its Full Power. The Great I, Derisive."