High elf-sama. Formally known as Sacred Tree-sama. A clumsy beauty. Master of spirit magic. Aze is one of eight high elves in Boruenan Forest and currently the only one awake. She's the acting head of Boruenan Forest and its Elder Council.


Aze appears to be woman in her twenties despite having lived for hundreds of million years. She has blue eyes and light blond hair, thin lips and nose that isn't too high, C-cup breasts, and about as tall as Satou.

According to Satou, "Even though it's not at Lulu's degree, she's a beautiful woman without a doubt."


Boruenan Forest

Aze appears as the head of the elder council expressing her gratitude to Satou for saving Mia. Riding at the center of a light board with four Japanese-styled miko elves standing on all four sides protecting her. However, she's in disguise as a little girl of around 5-8 years old and looks slightly like Mia but with silver hair and red eyes, that's a bit different than other elves who have green hair and green eyes. Satou is able to see through the illusion cast but is more perplexed at her weird vocal intonation when she talks, fluctuating from fluent (calm and gentle) to clogging (sounding strangely anime-like). She asks for what he would like for a reward, and she herself, decide it be a kiss. Satou willingly since he would be kissing a woman rather than a little girl kisses her on forehead and then she promptly faints.

When she wakes up--with her person attendant, Lua, by her side--the reason for her awkward behaviour is revealed and it is equally because of the Saga Empire's hero, Daisaku, and Arisa; the former had told her that high elves had to end their sentences with 'noja' and latter--who Aze had met before when she went to look for Mia to welcome her back--had said high elves had to silver haired little girls or Satou wouldn't kiss her otherwise. She lets out a frustrated sigh at the Japanization of this other world not noticing Satou is in the same room as her. She becomes flustered when she realizes his presence, Satou sympathizes makes up a reason to save face.

The afternoon on the day after their first meeting, Aze, led by Lua, to apologize for the prank. Since Satou honestly didn't mind it, he accepted it frankly. and also apologized for Arisa's prank. Aze then tells Satou, she knows that Satou is the hero called, Kuro, who had fought the black dragon because of the spirit light he emits. Aze then teaches him ways to suppress and make use of spirits.


[Spirit Magic]

  • Space Magic

[Magic-made artificial living beings]

  • Magic Beast King Creation (Create Behemoth)
  • Magic Light Ball Creation (Create Wisp)

World Tree

The world tree regards high elves as one of its parts, which includes Aze and has been so since her beginning. One of her privileges because of this is she can make the world tree think that several people she's brought to the top of tree are its parts; otherwise the tree would conclude those without rights to do so as enemies.


  • She's Satou's only love in the other world.
  • Knows that the hero, Kuro, is Satou.
  • Taught Satou various things related to spirits.
  • Aze's spirit light is of a precious metal light centered on gold.
  • Aze is indirectly the reason why Satou goes a soy-sauce pickle quest when she requests he make curry.
  • It's been hint that Aze might have a slight case of hero worship.
  • Satou had inadvertently and unknowingly proposed to her at their first meeting, she has yet to give a formal awnser on the matter.
  • Whenever she gets Jealous of someone getting close to Satou, she takes up a tsundere attitude.


  • 『And then, please splendidly reach the god's throne, and take me as your wife. When that happens, let's make a child with me as Satou's wife, just as you wish.』
  • "Of course! Satou's children will absolutely makes the world prosperous. That's why Satou has to leave a lot of children. I mean that's the wish of Creator-sama."